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FOSDEM 2017 Planning

Jenkins will be at FOSDEM'17, in Brussels, on February 4 & 5, 2017! 

Join the mailing list if you're interested in helping with coordination


Who's coming?

Jenkins merchandise

  •  Jenkins Star Wars t-shirts (50)

Planning Notes

  • Jenkins stand is located in building K, level 2, table 5
  • Stand setup begins at 9am on Saturday and Sunday. Attendees will begin to come in at 10am.
  • HELP: Oliver could use some man power to haul boxes to the stand. If you are available to help with this please meet Olivier at 8:45am at the campus bar. See map here https://www.meetup.com/jenkinsmeetup/events/236370501/ . He will have a Jenkins t-shirt on or ask for Olblak at the bar.
  • There will be wifi in the stand areas
  • Stand Planning: ** Demo monitor - Olivier has been kind enough to let us use his 32" monitor. He'll bring it to the stand..THANK YOU Olivier!!  
    • Update background slides from Jenkins World to FOSDEM (Tyler)
    • Tyler will update the running slides used at Jenkins World (Tyler)
    • Update to Jenkins postcard (Alyssa)
    • Declarative postcard (Patrick Wolf/Tyler)
    • Declarative demo (Patrick/Andrew)
    • At least one dedicated PC (with wireless) for demos (Tyler will bring)
    • Jenkins black table linen (Tyler to bring)
  • Schwags
    • stickers (few thousand minimum)
    • t-shirts always in high demand (50, as many as we can sell)
    • buttons (small round badges) with Jenkins headshot / weather symbols / blue ball button + happy jenkins, red button + angry jenkins 
    • Language-spoken type buttons for people manning the stand as well as give away (e.g. Chris would have a Scottish flag, Bobby a Swedish, English flag and German flag buttons. We are using what is left over from last year's event. If there isn't a flag button for your specific country pls don't be discouraged)
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