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Plugin Information

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Provides additional tool installers.

Extra Tool Installers

Jenkins plugin. Provides additional tool installers.


Plugin provides following installers:

  • Batch command installer for tool installations on Windows. 
    • @Deprecated. Jenkins Core supports this installer since 1.549 (see JENKINS-21202)
  • "Install from a specified folder" - setup without any actions (ex, "installation" from a shared directory)
  • "Skip or fail installation" - Prints warnings during installation and/or fails the installation

Example of installers usage in the Custom Tools Plugin:


MIT License

JIRA Issues

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Version History

Version 0.4 (Dec 12, 2017)

  • (info) Update the core requirement to 1.651.3
  • (error) Cleanup the documentation and minor issues reported by FindBugs

Version 0.3 (01/19/2014)

  • (error) Added a home directory to the stub installer to avoid validation failures => warnings support (JENKINS-19527)
  • (plus) Parameters substitution error check is optional (false by default)
  • (info) Renamed BatchCommandInstaller to avoid display name conflicts (JENKINS-21202)

Version 0.2 (08/16/2013)

  • (plus) Stub installer: Print warning message or fail the build
  • (plus) Support of variables substitution in the "Tool Home" and stub installer's "Message"

Version 0.1 (07/20/2013)

  • (plus) Batch Command Installer
  • (plus) Shared Directory Installer ("install from the specified folder")