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Due to some maintenance issues, this service has been switched in read-only mode, you can find more information about the why

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Plugin Information

View Extended Read Permission on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin enables the Extended Read permission in Hudson 1.324 and newer.

When this plugin is installed and active, a new column will be added to your authorization strategy configuration (for example, Matrix Security or Project-Based Matrix Security) in the Configure Security screen.

This permission grants users and groups read access to pages that would otherwise require configuration or administrative permissions.

The pages that currently support this permission are:

  • Job configurations


2.0 Upgrade to 1.609.1 minimum baseline

Refresh of the plugin. Should not have any impact as the code has not been touched.

Noticeable advantage: now the plugin does not pull cvs as a dependency.


  1. Unknown User (norman)

    I believe this plugin is rather confusing for the end user. The button to the "configuration"  is replaced with a button to "View configuration". The two views are exactly the same besides the latter does not have a "Save" button/action.

    Wouldn't it be better to remove all bottons (Add, Remove, ...) from the view and to make all input boxes read only? This could be done via Javascript.

    1. Unknown User (thunderm)

      I think this plugin is no longer maintained and got replaced by another plugin. Give Read-only configurations plugin a try. It seems to already be doing what you are requesting.

      1. Unknown User (jglick)

        This plugin is maintained. IIRC there is an open RFE in Jenkins core to make input fields read-only when the current user has permission to view, but not save, configuration. That is not something a plugin could affect.

        1. Unknown User (andreasmandel)

          Jesse, can you link the RFE that we/I can vote for it? I really like and need this feature, but with the possibility to change values add build steps etc. this feature is way to confusing for the read only users.

  2. Unknown User (arich_slack)

    Could you potentially enable the ExtendedRead permission for Agent as well as Job? Thanks!

  3. Unknown User (mithunshettigar)


    Does this plugin still work with version 2.121 ? Is there a better plugin which provides Read only access to Job Configurations?