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Plugin Information

View emotional-jenkins-plugin on the plugin site for more information.

This funny plugin changes the expression of Mr. Jenkins in the background when your builds fail.

The plugin is maintained by Masanobu Imai.

Once installed, you need to enable this on per-job basis.


To enable this feature for a job, go to the job configuration page, click Add post-build action and select Emotional Jenkins from the list.



  1. Unknown User (kmanamcheri)

    This does not seem to be working. There are no options in the job configuration to enable this plugin.

    1. Unknown User (aartemov)

      It's in the Post-Build Actions. But anyway I don't see any changes in the butler's expression.

      1. Unknown User (david_beutel)

        I don't, either.  I'm on Jenkins 1.565.2.  My page has the Prototype script to update the style of the main-table element, but somehow it is not updating.  I thought it might be a problem that the script was inside the table that it is trying to update, but the emotional Hudson plugin is the same way on 1.396, and it works.  I guess the Javascript has some global conflict or config problem.