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Plugin Information

View Email Ext Recipients Column on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin allows you to add a column showing the recipients configured in email-ext-plugin for every project.


Create a brand new View or edit an old one and just add the column "Email Ext Recipients" from the list.

If data cannot be obtained for a certain project, then "No data" will stand in the corresponding row and column. (Usually due to an error/exception in retrieving the information)

If the Email-ext-plugin is not enabled for a certain project, then "Disabled" will stand in the corresponding row and column.

Important - in order to use this plugin you must have the  Email-ext-plugin installed.

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Change log

Version 1.0 - (18.04.2013)

  • First release.


  The plugin is open source.


  1. Unknown User (dankirkd)

    Screenshots of how this actually looks would be nice, particularly with regards to an advanced configuration where different recipients are set for different triggers.  Or does it only list recipients in the Global Recipient List?

    1. Unknown User (boev)

      The Plugin just shows the variable recipientList from the class ExtendedEmailPublisher and the java comment for this variables is:

           "A comma-separated list of email recipient that will be used for every trigger."

      Also Default_recipients is not translated to what is configured in the global configuration page in order to keep the column compact.