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Plugin Information

View Downstream-Ext on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin supports extended configuration for triggering downstream builds:

  • trigger build only if downstream job has SCM changes
  • trigger build if upstream build result is better/equal/worse than any given result (SUCCESS, UNSTABLE, FAILURE, ABORTED)
  • for Matrix (alias multi-configuration) jobs you can decide which part of the job should trigger the downstream job: parent only, configurations only or both


Version 1.8

  • Fixed incompatibility with newer Jenkins versions JENKINS-16917

Version 1.7

  • Improved to work with hierarchical projects, such as folders plugin
  • Build dowsntreams only when this job itself is triggered via SCM change (pull #1)

Version 1.6

  • fixed: (this time for real - well I certainly hope so): upstream build can block if downstream uses a SCM which 'locks' the workspace (e.g. CVS or Perforce) [JENKINS-5406]
  • added: you can now configure wich part of a matrix job (parent, configuration, both) should trigger a downstream build [JENKINS-6049]

Version 1.5

  • fixed again (hope the fix works this time): upstream build can block if downstream uses a SCM which 'locks' the workspace (e.g. CVS or Perforce) [JENKINS-5406 ]

Version 1.4

  • fixed: upstream build can block if downstream uses a SCM which 'locks' the workspace (e.g. CVS or Perforce) [JENKINS-5406 ]
  • fixed: workaround for matrix build not being triggered since 1.2 [JENKINS-5508]

Version 1.3

  • allow triggering for aborted jobs [JENKINS-5215]
  • allow triggering if build result is exactly equal or equal or under the specified threshold [JENKINS-5215]

Version 1.2 (requires Hudson 1.341 or higher)

  • show dependency to downstream jobs in build overview page (uses enhancements done to job dependency management introduced in Hudson 1.341)

Version 1.1 (requires Hudson 1.321 or higher)

  • allow triggering of downstream job if upstream's build result was failure.

Version 1.0

  • initial release. Optionally, restrict triggering to downstream jobs with SCM changes.


  1. Unknown User (salman__awan@hotmail.com)

    Hey Christoph, great plugin indeed, thanks much. just wanted to know how this plugin interacts with Hudson Parameterized Trigger plugin.

    i.e. Is this plugin an add-on to Parameterized Trigger or a separate one. If separate, then how can we configure a job using downstream-ext plugin, that would need parameters passed from the parent job.

    Thanks again for contributing this plugin, Regards, Salman Awan

  2. Unknown User (jl.pinardon)


    Well, it seems to work correctly. At least, it was the case with an old version on Hudson 1.364
    But there is a strange behaviour on a 1.395 version.
    I have reported that on Issue 5065. An Error link appears on the configuration panel, while it does not prevent configuration.

  3. Unknown User (robin4286)


    Great Plugin!

    Is there a way to make it block until the builds it calls finish, and update the build result based on that?

  4. Unknown User (ankurbadola)

    Would it be feasible to allow job names as regex expression? Saves manual tracking in large build systems.