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Plugin Information

View Delivery Pipeline on the plugin site for more information.

Older versions of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before using an older version:


Visualisation of Continuous Delivery pipelines. Renders pipelines based on upstream/downstream jobs or Jenkins pipelines. Provides a full screen view for information radiators.
In Continuous Delivery, feedback and visualisation of the delivery process is one of the most important aspects. When using Jenkins as a build/CI/CD server, it is with the Delivery Pipeline plugin possible to visualise one or more delivery pipelines in the same view, even in full screen.

Jenkins jobs are tagged with a stage and a task name. In the screenshot above, the pipeline consists of three stages called Commit stage, Test stage and Deployment. The first stage consists of two tasks called "Build, package and run unit tests" and "Build and publish artifacts". Each task corresponds to a traditional Jenkins job.

The plugin requires your pipelines to be built using traditional Jenkins jobs with downstream/upstream relationships or using Jenkins pipelines. For downstream/upstream jobs, automatic promotion steps use the Parameterized Trigger Plugin while manual steps are provided using the Build Pipeline plugin manual trigger (see example with manual trigger below). Aggregated view shows the latest version for each stage.

Full screen view

Example screenshot when using the Delivery Pipeline plugin in full screen view (suitable for information radiators):


Using traditional Jenkins jobs

  • Create jobs with downstream/upstream relationships.
  • Tag your Jenkins jobs with which stage it belongs to and the task name in the "Delivery Pipeline configuration" section.

Jenkins pipelines

  • Create a Jenkins pipeline. No additional configuration is needed as the stage nodes are used for rendering the pipeline view. Tasks can be defined using the task pipeline step. Multi-branch pipelines are also supported.
  • The following blog post shows how to use task's inside pipeline stages for a more fine-grained visualization of pipelines using the Delivery Pipeline plugin: http://blog.diabol.se/?p=1021


  • Create a view by clicking the +
  • Choose "Delivery Pipeline View" for traditional jobs with upstream/downstream dependencies, or "Delivery Pipeline View for Jenkins pipelines" when using Jenkins pipelines. Give the view a name.
  • Configure the view by choosing the number of pipeline instances, component name and choose the first Jenkins job for each pipeline (applicable for traditional Jenkins jobs).

Manual Triggers

  • Make sure that the Build Pipeline plugin is installed and enabled.
  • Create or edit a job and add a Postbuild action

Known issues

JUnit plugin needs to be installed and enabled.
If arrows are missing between the stages, please take look at JENKINS-28055

Need help

Join our Google Group https://groups.google.com/forum/#\!forum/delivery-pipeline-plugin\|https://groups.google.com/forum/#\!forum/delivery-pipeline-plugin (https://groups.google.com/forum/#\!forum/delivery-pipeline-plugin)

Open Tickets (bugs and feature requests)

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due


Starting from version 0.10.1, the Delivery Pipeline Plugin is released completely automatically and the generated release notes can be found on GitHub:


0.10.0 (Nov 16 2016)


0.9.12 (Jun 8 2016)


0.9.11 (May 24 2016)

0.9.10 (May 20 2016)

0.9.9 (Mar 28 2016)

0.9.8 (Dec 12 2015)

0.9.7 (Aug 27 2015)

0.9.6 (Aug 26 2015)

Release 0.9.5 (Jul 28 2015)

  • (error) Manual trigger for the downstream job is shown even if the build failed JENKINS-28937 PR
  • (error) Rebuild not respecting permissions JENKINS-28845 PR
  • (plus) Show promotions and description on the pipeline PR PR PR
  • (info) Fixed deprecations and small fixes PR PR
  • (error) Successful build should not show solid green background color JENKINS-28837 PR
  • (error) Better description of columns property JENKINS-29324 PR
  • (error) Correct verbiage in some of the help text PR
  • (error) 'Enable start of new pipeline build' does not work with parameterized trigger JENKINS-29133 PR
  • (info) Better help text for TokenMacro:s PR

Release 0.9.4 (09 Jun 2015)

  • (info) Pointer cursor for rebuild and manual task PR
  • (info) Add simple title to triggers PR
  • (plus) Show total build time JENKINS-22482 PR

Release 0.9.3 (02 May 2015)

Release 0.9.2 (01 May 2015)

  • (error) Catch case where too many capture groups defined PR
  • (error) Join Plugin & Delivery Pipeline Plugin: View logs warnings about existing downstream projects JENKINS-28619 PR

Release 0.9.1 (17 May 2015)

Release 0.9.0 (15 May 2015)

Release 0.8.11 (23 March 2015)

  • (error) Support jobs organized under folders (RegExp) JENKINS-27270
  • (error) NPE when using jobs with the same name in different folders JENKINS-27539

Release 0.8.10 (17 March 2015)

  • (info) Speed improvements for view
  • (error) Prevent a stack overflow if a project eventually cycles back to itself JENKINS-27298

Release 0.8.9 (04 February 2015)

  • (error) Very slow when there are many folders and projects. JENKINS-26746
  • (error) Can't handle two manual triggers triggers same downstream job JENKINS-26282

Release 0.8.8 (10 December 2014)

Release 0.8.7 (16 November 2014)

  • (info) Dropped dependency to jQuery-UI JENKINS-24296
  • (error) NPE when View is configured with a non existing firstJob JENKINS-24644
  • (error) MalformedUrlException fills up logs JENKINS-25256
  • (error) Loading animation has old size JENKINS-25279
  • (info) Manual triggered reexecuting jobs which has failed dont show up as status queued JENKINS-25361
  • (error) Unable to trigger manual jobs when build-pipeline-plugin 1.4.4 is installed JENKINS-25607

Release 0.8.6 (26 August 2014)

Release 0.8.5 (17 August 2014)

  • (info) Show Views TabBar in pipeline default view JENKINS-24173
  • (error) Multi-configuration projects display with wrong Delivery Pipeline Stage Name JENKINS-22654
  • (error) Absolute URLs in delivery pipeline break reverse proxy setupsJENKINS-24019

Release 0.8.4 (07 August 2014)

Release 0.8.3 (03 August 2014)

Release 0.8.2 (02 July 2014)

  • (error) Trigger button is not rendered correctly on Firefox JENKINS-23537
  • (info) Do not display 'Aggregated view' if no pipeline instances JENKINS-23536
  • (info) Suggest removing folder prefix if present when failing to trigger manual step JENKINS-23532
  • (error) Send crumb if "Prevent Cross Site Request Forgery exploits" if enabled JENKINS-23589

Release 0.8.1 (16 June 2014)

Release 0.8.0 (14 May 2014)

Release 0.7.5 (03 May 2014)

Release 0.7.4 (14 April 2014)

Release 0.7.3 (03 April 2014)

  • (error) Pipelines are mixed up when same stage/step names are used JENKINS-22423

Release 0.7.2 (17 March 2014)

Release 0.7.1 (15 March 2014)

Release 0.7.0 (10 March 2014)

Release 0.6.10 (30 January 2014)

Release 0.6.9 (20 January 2014)

  • (plus) Add pipelines dynamically with regular expressions JENKINS-20717

Release 0.6.8 (07 January 2014)

Release 0.6.7 (22 November 2013)

Release 0.6.6 (20 November 2013)

Release 0.6.5 (14 November 2013)

  • (error) various pipelines have no color (Bug when first job in pipeline has an upstream job) JENKINS-20539
  • (plus) Show SCM changes in pipeline view JENKINS-20517

Release 0.6.4 (06 November 2013)

Release 0.6.3 (04 November 2013):

Release 0.6.2 (18 October 2013):

  • (error) Update helptexts JENKINS-19972
  • (info) Placeholder for logo JENKINS-20015
  • (error) Cant use SVN_REVISION as pipeline version JENKINS-20099
  • (info) Updated style for fullscreen
  • (error) Removed guava dependency since it is already in Jenkins to reduce artefact size
  • (plus) Added a 20 second timeout if slow network

Release 0.6.1 (08 October 2013)

  • First public release


  1. Unknown User (mwoi)

    Really nice plugin. Easy to configure. Thanks!!!

  2. Unknown User (geoffbullen)

    This looks great.  How do you see it fitting with the build-pipeline-plugin?  

    1. Unknown User (patbos)

      We are using the delivery-pipeline-plugin mainly as a information radiator and are using the build-pipeline-plugin as the main working view since delivery-pipeline-plugin don´t have any support for triggering manual steps. 

  3. Unknown User (grayaii)

    Is there a way to configure this so that it doesn't hit our Jenkins master every second?  It seriously puts a strain on our Jenkins instance to the point where it's not usable.  Looking at our access logs, the json endpoint of the view that has the Delivery Pipeline is being hit extremely frequently.

    1. Unknown User (patbos)

      Hi, thanks for your input. There is currently no possibility to change the update interval but I have created a issue JENKINS-20388 for this. Will be fixed in the next release.  

  4. Unknown User (rizvfe00)


    First off, thank you!!  This plugin is phenomenal, the best visual representation of Continuous Delivery available.

    I'm sure everyone is busy with the holidays coming up but, I was wondering when the next release is due?  I am anxiously awaiting the Folders plugin fix.  We recently converted over to using the CloudBees folder plugin and now our pipelines are no longer working :)


    1. Unknown User (patbos)


      Really happy that you like our plugin! 

      We have now released a new version with the folder bug fixed and more.

  5. Unknown User (craftsman)

    Hi Patrik,

    Your plugin is very nice indeed. Allowing customized CSS was a great idea, and the full screen feature is fantastic. Exactly what I was looking for to enable display of our information radiators in our office. Well done all around.

    I have two questions I bet will be easy to answer:

    1. I'm keenly interested in the parallel stage support you have planned for 0.7.0. Any ballpark idea for when you'll be releasing that? It will let me create exactly what I was looking to create, so I'm anxious :)
    2. Your dependencies list include the Build Pipeline Plugin as optional. What Delivery Pipeline goodness do I give up if I don't include that plugin? My Jenkins instance is currently running 25+ plugins and I'd like to cut it down to the bare minimum, but if I'll give up too much good stuff that your plugin depends on if I bag the Build Pipeline Plugin, I'll keep it on the list.

    Thanks again for a nice plugin. I'm looking forward to using it.

    1. Unknown User (patbos)

      Hi Roy,

      Really happy that you like our plugin!

      1. We are currently testing the new version, I hope that we can release it in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile you can test the new version if you want. It is downloadable here.

      2. You will not loose any functionality in the plugin by removing the Build Pipeline Plugin.

  6. Unknown User (craftsman)

    Hi Patrik,

    I just upgraded my plugin and tried to set up two parallel stages. It's not showing me what I had hoped. Here's the result:
    That display is pretty much unusable. Expanding the width of my browser doesn't help. In fact, it makes things worse because the Public stage shifts farther to the left.

    What I was expecting was to see the Performance and UAT stages immediately to the right of the Integration stage, starting on the same row as that stage. Then I expected to see the Public stage immediately to the right of the Performance stage. In other words, a nice stacked display of parallel stages. That's what I understood to be what others were asking for related to issue 21010, specifically Brian Judy. It's definitely what I wanted. That's not what I'm seeing, obviously. Is the display above what you guys intended? Am I doing something wrong to produce the strange positioning?

    Also, the dynamically shifting arrows you're using are interesting, maybe useful for some, but I can't style them with CSS since they don't have classes assigned. I want to have my pipeline show on a black background, which makes the arrows invisible. Is there any way to style these?

    My hope is that I'm doing something wrong to produce the wacky display, and that the arrows are stylable in a way I don't know about. Here's hoping :)

    1. Unknown User (patbos)

      Hi Roy,

      This does not look good.

      I tried to do a similar pipeline setup and got this result:
      Does this looks more like the result you intended? Please create a JIRA for this issue and we can try to solve this problem.

      To show your pipeline on a black background is possible. Look at our fullscreen display. (Click on the "View Fullscreen" link to the left). To change color of the arrows to white use this css:

      svg.relation path

      Unknown macro: {    stroke}

      svg.relation path {
      stroke: #fefefe;

  7. Unknown User (craftsman)

    Hi Patrik,

    The screenshot yous sent me looks exactly like what I want! So I have to assume there's something wrong in my setup. Maybe a brief description will reveal the problem and you can tell me how to correct things. Here's what I did:

    • I set up the Integration->Deploy to Performance job to kick off Performance->Performance Test if the deploy was successful (i.e.,
    • I set up the Integration->Deploy to UAT job to kick off UAT->UAT Test if the deploy was successful
    • I set up UAT->Deploy to Public to kick off Public->Smoke Test if the deploy was successful

    And that's all I did. I thought setting the Stage to the same thing for both Integration->Deploy X jobs, and then deploying to two separate target stages (Performance and UAT) would make the target stages show up as parallel. That appears to happen, as they show stacked on top of each other, but the arrows are off. Is there something else I need to do to get things to appear like your screenshot shows? Can you send me the job setup you created to get that display so I can compare it to mine? As I said, widening my browser has no effect, and it shows up strangely in both Chrome and Firefox, so it's not a browser specific issue. But there must be something wrong with my setup if I can't achieve what you sent.


    1. Unknown User (patbos)

      I have created an example of your pipeline. It can be generated with Jenkins Job Builder.


  8. Unknown User (craftsman)

    Just opened a ticket for this: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-21010. It's very strange. Like I said before, I'm hoping it's just something I've done wrong with my setup. The screenshot you showed in your comment, Patrik, is exactly what I want to achieve.

  9. Unknown User (craftsman)

    I don't know if this is an issue or not. If so, I'll be happy to open a Jenkins ticket for it.

    I'm trying to set up a pipeline which has several automated steps, and then has a manual step which somebody will need to run to kick off the remaining steps of the pipeline. Here's the setup:

    Build->Build1 triggers Acceptance->Acceptance1. Acceptance->Acceptance2 is a manual step, which will trigger Integration->Integration1. When I schedule a build for Build1, I get this result:

    That shows Build1 and Acceptance1 have run. If I go to the dashboard and click the "Schedule a build" icon 
    on the right-hand side of the row for Acceptance2 to kick it off, the job runs, and it triggers Integration1 as expected and Integration1 shows a blue bar to the left of the Task while it's running. But the pipeline display isn't updated to reflect that. Notice that Acceptance2 and Integration1 still show as gray (not run yet):

    Is this a bug? It seems like one to me.

    Sorry to mention a competitor, but I wanted to see if there was anything wrong with my job setup, so I tried the same thing in the Build Pipeline View plugin. Same jobs, same setup. The only difference was that I triggered the build for Acceptance2 directly from the BPV manual step, since they give you the capability to do that. The results were similar to what I was expecting in your plugin, like so:

    The pipeline shows that all jobs ran and were successful. Incidentally, after I trigger the manual step for job-c in the Build Pipeline View plugin (a great feature you should consider adding to the DP plugin, by the way), your plugin display updates correctly to show job-c and job-d as successful!

    That's exactly the display I'm looking for after I manually kick off Acceptance2, in this case. If I can achieve that display by triggering the manual job in this example (Acceptance2) from the dashboard, I'd say your plugin is just half a step from being perfect. Your display is much better than the competition, the fullscreen view option is great, and your html/css markup is better.

    That said, if you could include a "Schedule a build" icon on the display for any manual step like the BPV plugin does, and give users the option to show it for any step (manual or auto), that would make your plugin as good as I can imagine right now. Here's what the BPV display looks like when a pipeline has a manual step:

    Notice that Acceptance2 has the "Schedule a auild" icon in the lower right corner. That's the feature I'm talking about.

    But at a minimum, I need the display to be updated correctly when I click the "Schedule a build" icon on the main dashboard. Take a look at this when you get a chance and let me know if this is indeed a bug. Thanks.

    1. Unknown User (patbos)

      Hi Roy,

      Currently we don't support manual triggers. You should be able to use manual triggers from the Build Pipeline Plugin (BPP) and trigger these from BPP view and Delivery Pipeline Plugin (DPP) view should be updated also with the current status, if not, it is a bug.

      We have a issue JENKINS-21009 requesting manual trigger support for DPP and I currently working on it.


      1. Unknown User (craftsman)

        Well, that would explain it then :) I figured something wasn't right. We can use that workaround (which works, by the way) while you're trying to get manual trigger support. Thanks.


  10. Unknown User (syl20bnr)

    Excellent plugin, simple and beautiful. We recommend it!

  11. Unknown User (craftsman)

    I'm encountering a problem with manual steps in pipelines. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? My setup seems right:

    • I have the Build Pipeline Plugin v1.4.3 installed (and the Delivery Pipeline Plugin v0.8.0, of course)
    • I have a pipeline with multiple stages/tasks
    • One of those tasks has a manual post-build action, like so:

    When I run the pipeline, I can see the manual run arrow image next to the manual step, exactly like I would expect. But when I click that to run the manual step, I get a popup telling me, "Could not trigger build!" Am I missing something that will let me run the manual step? I'm pretty sure I was able to run manual steps successfully last week, and I don't know of any changes to my environment since then, so I'm stumped. Any thoughts?

    1. Unknown User (patbos)

      Unfortunately the new release of Build Pipeline Plugin is incompatible with Delivery Pipeline Plugin. JENKINS-23372. Workaround is to downgrade Build Pipeline Plugin to 1.4.2.

      1. Unknown User (craftsman)

        That makes perfect sense, so I tried it. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I still can't use the manual run arrow when version 1.4.2 of Build Pipeline Plugin is installed. I get the same popup telling me the build can't be triggered.

        Any other suggestions?

        1. Unknown User (patbos)


          Look in the logfile of Jenkins when you are triggering and see if any errors occurs there.

        2. Unknown User (patbos)


          Looks like it could be the https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-23532 issue. Looks like a similar problem. Test that you can trigger the manual steps in the Build Pipeline Plugin.


  12. Unknown User (craftsman)

    I can definitely trigger manual steps in the Build Pipeline Plugin, with no errors in the Jenkins log. I can see the manual step arrow/widget in the Delivery Pipeline Plugin, too. Clicking it gives me the error popup I mentioned.

    So it's not an obvious issue with the Build Pipeline Plugin, as far as I can tell.

    1. Unknown User (patbos)

      Ok, seems to be a bug. Please create a Jira issue for it. Do you have any simple steps to reproduce the issue, if so please put it in the Jira.

  13. Unknown User (craftsman)

  14. Unknown User (craftsman)

    I can confirm that bug JENKINS-23589 - Error running a manual pipeline step is fixed. Well done! Manual steps are running great from within the Delivery Pipeline Plugin.

    The only remaining issue I can see is that the JS arrows between stages no longer show up. I've tested this in both FF and Chrome, and the problem appears in fullscreen view and non-fullscreen. The arrows are also absent when I'm not using custom CSS, so I know my stylesheet isn't the culprit.

    Did something break with the bug fix?

  15. Unknown User (craftsman)

    I logged bug JENKINS-23824 this morning after installing version 0.8.1 of the plugin to confirm that the issue with the arrows not showing up is new. It is. The bug contains some screen shots of version 0.8.1 and version 0.8.2 for comparison.

  16. Unknown User (craftsman)

    I can confirm the fix. The arrows show up again in version 0.8.4. Thank you!

  17. Unknown User (rizvfe00)

    Can you please start updating the change log again on new releases? Sifting through commit history on github is kinda tedious trying to figure out what's changed since the last release.

    Thanks!  Once again, great plugin!

    1. Unknown User (patbos)


      I really want to add the latest releases to the change log, but I cant update the page. I get this error:
      "An error occured while trying to save the requested page" Need some help from the maintainers of this wiki.


  18. Unknown User (juanitogan)

    Consider rewriting the doc from scratch.  It is really hard to tell from just the summary what the value is versus Build Pipeline.  In particular, mentioning stages and tasknames is particularly confusing without showing what you mean.  I dragged my feat on installing this but finally did and only understood it after playing around with it blindly.

  19. Unknown User (craftsman)

    More of a question than a comment, I guess.

    The plugin lets me check "Create Delivery Pipeline version" and create a template for the version. Mine looks something like "1.15.0.$[BUILD_NUMBER]" (with curly brackets instead of square ones) right now. The context help for that option says, "If enabled the job will create a version based on the template. The version will be set to the environment variable PIPELINE_VERSION and will also be set in the downstream jobs."

    Does that mean I should be able to use that environment variable in downstream jobs with %PIPELINE_VERSION%? That isn't working for me. Do I have to do something else to make that visible?

    Does it only work if the downstream job runs after being directly triggered by the job which creates the variable? If so, my scenario is different. I need to use the PIPELINE_VERSION at a later date for a manual step, not necessarily triggered by an upstream run. How would I do that? To be a little more specific about my setup, my pipeline looks something like this:

    Build Stage, Task A (creates PIPELINE_VERSION) -> Test Stage, Task A -> UAT Stage, Task A (manually triggered) -> Deliver Stage, Task A (manually triggered, use PIPELINE_VERSION to name file to ship)

    Deliver Stage, Task A could be run manually at any time. It's not triggered by Test Stage, Task A. I want to get the PIPELINE_VERSION of what was delivered to UAT. The Delivery Pipeline view shows that version in the header for the stage, but I don't know where that value comes from. If I could grab it and use it to name my file in the Deliver stage, I'd be all set.

  20. Unknown User (ashu3112)

    I am using the Delivery pipeline plugin for grouping my jobs into stages.
    Currently, there seems no mechanism to directly go to a particular older pipeline instance in the view.
    I wanted to provide a provide a mechanism(posssibly a link) in the Initial job(JobI) of the pipeline so that whenever I click on a particular build of the JobI, it should redirect me to that particular pipeline instance of the pipeline view directly.
    I also tried to achieve the above behavior via some other pipeline plugins i.e Build pipeline etc. but no solution.
    The idea is to make the view easy to use for a user,so that he does not have to take the pain of scrolling through all the instances to get to a particular instance.
    I want to replicate the behavior of the "builds in the jobs" for the "versions of the view" or similar to that.

  21. Unknown User (modemboy)

    Getting hit with this issue: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-27354

    Anyone know if it is possible to adjust the timeout value up from 20 seconds?

    Edit: never mind, the latest release of the plugin fixed the performance issues, just in time! Thanks.

  22. Unknown User (joshmilind)

    I am using Jenkins version 2.32.3 with Blue Ocean, Pipeline (suite) plugins installed. I wanted to create a quick pipeline using Delivery Pipeline Plugin. But after installing the plugin and restarting Jenkins, I can't seem to get an option to add the Delivery Pipeline View when I click on the + (new view) button.


    The only options I see are below:



    List View

    My View

    Is there any known issue using Delivery Pipeline Plugin with the Blue Ocean or Pipeline (suite) plugin?




    1. Unknown User (tommysdk)

      Sorry for the late response. Could this have been due to the problem in plugin distribution encountered with the release of the 1.0.4 version of the plugin? You should get options both for downstream job type of pipelines and Jenkins pipeline based viewed when installing the Delivery Pipeline plugin. It is not dependent on Blue Ocean in any way and works for Jenkins pipelines and multibranch pipelines. Please try with the latest version (see https://github.com/Diabol/delivery-pipeline-plugin/releases) and if it does not work, please file an issue in the issue tracker on component delivery-pipeline-plugin.

  23. Unknown User (snehas)

    I am working on extending Delivery Pipeline plugin. Before applying my changes I wanted to try with the latest source code and wanted to make sure the process works.

     I have downloaded the plugin code for version 1.0.8 from https://github.com/Diabol/delivery-pipeline-plugin/releases. I have performed Maven build using below commands (from the path of the downloaded plugin code):

    • mvn clean
    • mvn validate
    • mvn compile
    • mvn test
    • mvn package

     mvn package command created .hpi and .jar files in the target folder of the plugin.

     I have uploaded .hpi file in my test Jenkins (Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins, then go to Advanced tab) and also replaced the *.jar file with the *.jar located under the main Jenkins plugin folder on the Jenkins Master. And restarted Jenkins.

    Please find below screenshots for the job configuration, where, one shows the delivery pipeline option and other does not.

     But I could not see the Delivery pipeline Plugin option (for original plugin code of version 1.0.8) in the Jenkins job configuration I have created.



    It would be really great if you can guide me regarding the process.



    1. Unknown User (tommysdk)

      Hi Unknown User (snehas)!

      Unfortunately I can't from the your description know what might cause your issue. Uploading the .hpi through the "Manage plugins > Advanced" should be sufficient to load a new version of the Delivery Pipeline plugin at restart. I'm curious on what work you are doing and how you plan on extending the plugin. Is it something that could be useful for incorporating into the plugin?

      BR, Tommy Tynjä

      1. Unknown User (snehas)

        Hi Tommy,

        Thanks for your reply. I am changing the plugin code so that in Jenkins in the Pipeline view it will show the name of the currently running test case. We have test suits with over 100+ test cases or so. During the execution, it is helpful when it shows the name of the running test case so that we know the progress.





  24. Unknown User (shreyas15)

    Hi! I just started using the new version and it's pretty sweet! I wanted to know how you'd display the build versions for each stage. 



    1. Unknown User (tommysdk)

      Hi! Glad you like it! In e.g. a pipeline script, you could extract the build version from the job and use that to name a pipeline task for instance, to make the version visible in the pipeline view.

  25. Unknown User (shreyas15)

    Also an ABORT button for manual steps would be a nice addition! Or does that already exist and am I missing anything? Thanks!

    1. Unknown User (tommysdk)

      That functionality is unfortunately not supported at the moment. However I think we could consider adding such a feature if you would like to contribute such a solution for the plugin.

      1. Unknown User (shreyas15)

        Thanks a lot for your response! I'd be happy to contribute!

        1. Unknown User (tommysdk)

          For reference: this functionality is tracked in the following issue:  JENKINS-28708 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  26. Unknown User (jyotisingh62)

    Is there any way we can define different(custom) colors for different types of job in aggregated view.

  27. Unknown User (reshma)

    We are using Delivery Pipeline plugin to view our pipeline.  There is one option in Delivery Pipeline "Enable Start of new build" , As shown above if we click on Build Now then we get below error.  Its been observed that "Build Now" option doesn't work with pipeline having parameters.  Can we implement fix to detect if pipeline has parameters then option should be "Build With Parameters" instead of Build now.

    1. Unknown User (tommysdk)

      Unknown User (reshmashinde) that is indeed a limitation and we would be willing to consider supporting your use case. Feel free to submit a proposed code change for this improvement. You can find our contribution guide in the plugin README on Github: https://github.com/Diabol/delivery-pipeline-plugin#how-to-contribute.

      In general, for tracking issues it is encourage to use the official Jenkins issue tracker https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS using the "delivery-pipeline-plugin" component.

  28. Unknown User (reshma)

    Unknown User (tommysdk) Thanks.  JENKINS-54527 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Ticket raised, 

  29. Unknown User (thefifo)

    I'm having some trouble with the plugin for a scripted Pipeline with parallel stages. They are not shown as parallel but sequential in the view. Are there any known issues regarding scripted pipelines?

    1. Unknown User (tommysdk)

      Unknown User (thefifo) could you please share an example of the pipeline script and the corresponding view?

      1. Unknown User (thefifo)

        Pipeline Script
        def getBuildStage(projectName) {
            return {
                node (label: 'service') {
                    timestamps {
                        stage("Build - ${projectName}") {
                            echo "Test ${projectName}"
        projects = ["project1", "project2"]
        builds = [:]
        projects.each { project ->
            builds[project] = getBuildStage(project)
        parallel builds
        stage("Start SmokeTests") {
            echo "Start Smoke tests"

      2. Unknown User (andrew_rymar)

        Even more "standardized" Declarative syntax with a parallel {} block gives the same picture - parallel stages are shown as a single row. It leaves the Blue Ocean as the only option for complex pipeline-based views.

      3. Unknown User (tcsabina)

        Hi Tommy,

        Could you confirm the bug? Have you had a chance to look at it? I am also looking for a way to show parallel steps in the same block.

        I am trying to find a way the show multiple builds (several targets) in 1 block.

        If I use the example from http://blog.diabol.se/?p=1021, the task are not exactly parallel (running after each other, instead of at the same time), but I could live with this. But what is the problem with that example is that if one build fails, the complete 'build' stage is marked as failed.

        I want to have an overview of all the builds with their individual results.

      4. Unknown User (tcsabina)

        Hi Tommy,

        Could you confirm the bug? Have you had a chance to look at it?

        I am also looking for a way to show parallel steps in the same block...