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Release 1.13

  • Fixed display of source code browsing of old builds

Release 1.11

  • Copy affected files to build folder to provide source code browsing of old builds

Release 1.10

  • Source code display is limited to authenticated users (JENKINS-2773)

Release 1.9

  • Added remote API for the plug-in results (report: thanks to Rob Oxspring for the patch)

Release 1.8

Release 1.7

Release 1.5

  • Fixed build health reporting and failure thresholds for native m2 builds (JENKINS-3310).

Release 1.4

  • Additional build status thresholds: now you can set the build status to unstable or failure if the total number of the number of new warnings exceeds the defined thresholds (JENKINS-2537, JENKINS-3024).
  • Improved new warning detection: now warnings are only considered as new if the associated source code context (3 lines of code) differs.

Release 1.3

  • Added validation of file pattern in configuration screen

Release 1.2

  • Fixed priority evaluation radio buttons in configuration screen (JENKINS-2805)
  • Optimized display of duplication links
  • Fixed broken links if the warnings are filtered by package or module

Release 1.0

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