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Plugin Information

View DOS Trigger on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin allows to trigger a build with a DOS script.


The script will run according to the schedule you enter.
When the script sets the cause variable to something other than the empty string a build will be started (with the given 'cause').

Caution: This plugin always uses the default workspace, even if a custom workspace was defined.

Screen Shot

After making this example I discovered that the DOS %RANDOM% construct is far from random, don't use it at home (wink)

Change Log

V1.23 @ 08-20-2011

  • Fix help link
  • Internal restructuring

V1.21 @ 06-02-2011


V1.0 @ 08-01-2010

  • Initial release


Tom Brus


  1. Unknown User (gbois)

    According the capabilities of the pluign, it doesn't bring any polling mechansims. It's only a scheduler (Scheduling, runing a Windows script and launching the job)

    And why did you add support for only Windows scripts (Hudson/Jenkins provides good native support for running script on Windows/Unix).

    Could you give me a use case of the plugin?

    1. Unknown User (pellet)

      It's handy for writing your own polling mechanism if thats what you wish to do with a dos command line tool.

      For instance you could use a source control command line client(like alienbrain) to return an error code if it finds a label or a file in the repository.

      The error code could then be used to either trigger a build or skip a build.

      1. Unknown User (gbois)

        OK. Thanks

  2. Unknown User (jdooms)

    I tried using this plugin, but it never worked properly and caused any job using the "Build periodically" build trigger to not run at the scheduled times.  The actual pattern to any CRON jobs including those using the dos trigger never revealed itself to me.  It was extremely random.  After struggling with this for a couple of months, I eventually disabled the plugin and my scheduled jobs started running at the appropriate time again.  I don't know how to submit a bug regarding this plugin or I would do so.  I was attempting to use this as a continuous integration trigger because the Poll SCM build trigger for subversion wasn't picking up changes to externals.  At this point, I've given up on having Jenkins run our continuous integration and I'm now just running daily builds.  Just wanted to note that here so no one else is surprised by this strange interaction.


    Josh Dooms

    1. Unknown User (pellet)

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      I never tested the plugin with a project which also has 'build periodically' turned on, I will need to modify the plugin to allow for this, hopefully it will be an easy fix!

      Here is a page on submitting jenkins core/plugins tickets https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Issue+Tracking

      If you could create a ticket for the dos-trigger-plugin it will be of great help.



  3. Unknown User (coolvaiv)

    Hello Guys,

    I have written a batch script for polling and have put in there, but the polling script is not getting executed.

    Please let me know if anyone faced similar issues, or if you have any suggestions, I am putting in a screenshot , let me know if more info is required.