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Plugin Information

View Customize Build Now Label on the plugin site for more information.

Customize Build Now Plugin

This plugin allows users to provide an alternate label to "Build Now". While its well understood by Jenkins experts what "Build Now" means, sometimes its more intuitive for new Jenkins users to associate a more appropriate label to suite the purpose of the job like "Deploy Now" or "Execute Now" or "Promote Now" etc...


1.1 (Sep 17 2015)

  • Workflow support.
  • No labels


  1. Unknown User (ebrahim_moshaya)

    This is a fantastic plugin. The only issue is that you can't customize the "Build with Parameters" button. Unfortunately, no matter what I set the label for "Provide alternate label for Build Now", if the build has parameters, then you'll always get Build with Parameters. It will be nice if for example I set "Provide alternate label for Build Now" to "Deploy", then the "Build with Parameters" will automatically change to "Deploy with Parameters"

  2. Unknown User (nishanthini)

    It will be useful if this plugin have option to  alter "Build With Parameter" label also.