Jenkins : Crittercism dSYM Plugin

Plugin Information

View crittercism-dsym on the plugin site for more information.

The current version of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before use:

A Jenkins CI plugin for uploading dSYM files to Crittercism.


This Jenkins CI plugin allows for a post build step that uploads dSYM files via Crittercism's API. The dSYM files are used for symbolication of iOS binaries in Crittercism crash logs. As such, this plugin is only helpful for Mac OSX hosts.


  1. After installation, add a post-build step with the option 'Upload dSYM to Crittercism'.
  2. The plugin requires three fields:
    * API Key - Retrieve this from Crittercism's app dashboard, under 'Settings'.
    * App ID - Also available from the Crittercism app 'Settings'.
    * dSYM zip file - Path to the dSYM zip file to be uploaded. You may use environment variables. Ex: '${WORKSPACE}/build/'.

The plugin may encounter the following errors while uploading the dSYM file:

Error 400: There was a problem with the dSYM file. Error 404: App was not found or the given tokens are incorrect.

Note: Depending on your configuration, the dSYM zip file generated in your build steps may be named something like '', where 1.0 is your version number and may change with each build. To make things easier for the post-build steps, you can rename your dSYM zip file to something static, such as ''. To accomplish this, add a build step that executes shell commands, such as:

mv ${WORKSPACE}/build/* ${WORKSPACE}/build/


1.1 (released 2013-03-20)

  • initial release