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Plugin Information

View Copy data to workspace on the plugin site for more information.

Copies data to workspace directory for each project build.

Hudson 1.366 or later.

This plugin was created for Hudson 1.366. It might not work with earlier versions of Hudson.

User guide

This plugin copies data from directory stored on master node. The path to this directory should be relative to Hudson root path (HUDSON_HOME). All data will be copied to the project workspace directory

on master or slave node.

1. Select "Copy data to workspace" in the Build Environment (list of BuildWrappers).

2. Enter the path to a data storage directory. All data in this directory will be copied to workspace (only data, not a directory itself). Path should be relative to Hudson root path (HUDSON_HOME).
For example, Hudson root path = "C:\tmp". Path to folder = "storage\task". Plugin will copy data from directory "C:\tmp\storage\task".

3. Option "Make files executable". It means that after copying data to workspace plugin apply to each file chmod(0755). So all files become executable. On Windows, no-op.

4. Option "Delete files after build". If checked, plugin will delete all copied files from workspace after build.


Version 1.0 (February 24, 2011)
  • Initial release.


  1. Hmm, we now have two plugins doing the same thing (cf. Copy To Slave Plugin) (wink)

    1. Hello, rseguy.

      I think that these plugins have much in common. But they are not the same. In my plugin there is "Make files executable" option.

      For my team it is very important. Because we usually copy binary files. And they must be executable. How can I see your plugin doesn't do it.

  2. I would rather add the missing option to the original plugin instead of making a new plugin for the same thing.

  3. Hi,

        How to copy mutliple Source folder files to workspace within a job using this plugin. Now i can copy in a single directory but not an option for multiple directory.

        Please help.


    Jivesh PT