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This document describes instructions and notes that are container specific.

And finally, if you are having difficulty installing Jenkins with a container, you can always run Jenkins just by itself: java -jar jenkins.war (which uses Jetty)

Please help us grow this list by contributing notes to this Wiki.

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  1. Unknown User (liyun)

    How to hide the WorkSpace Link and picture link on the Web GUI, I don't want the source code can be download by anyone

  2. Unknown User (gthiruva@gmail.com)

    What are the pros/cons of running Hudson in a different servlet container (GF/Tomcat) vs. running it standalone (Winstone)?

    It seems pretty simple to just use the built in Winstone. Is there an advantage more than just the ability to run other web apps on the same port?

  3. Unknown User (jmeyer@harpoontech.com)

    My org uses Weblogic simply because we already have a server running.  We have admins familiar with Weblogic, and existing admin processes that make it easy administratively.  There is no technological advantage at all.

    I would recommend that most people should use the built in Winstone for the main reason that the Hudson community is most familiar with that configuration.  And therefor when it breaks, you can get more support from the Hudson experts.

    I do find it interesting that Oracle has seen fit to splash the orange logo onto the Hudson web site, yet has not taken the time to mention how difficult it is to install Hudson onto their flagship JEE container: Weblogic.  I have added the Weblogic page to this wiki myself and encourage others to help me find a simpler way to configure Hudson or Weblogic to make it even easier to run Hudson on Weblogic. (I find my current solution unpalatable because I have to create an EAR, I would prefer some Weblogic tuning instructions from the experts at Oracle)

    1. Unknown User (skjennings)

      I added a step to your page that describes how to install the application as a war by creating a weblogic.xml that gets added to the WEB-INF directory. I hope this helps.