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Plugin Information

View Concordion Presenter on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin publishes Concordion test reports for each build, and is based somewhat on the WebTest Presenter Plugin.



Project page:

Build page:


  • Option to create index page for test reports
  • Junit-esque integration (pass/fail graph, failed tests link to specifications)

Version History

Version 0.7 (2011-08-13)

  • Reworked archiving code and added some diagnostics
  • Updated for Jenkins

Version 0.6 (2010-07-06)

  • Initial release (after a few mix-ups with publishing releases and group ids)


  1. Unknown User (nigel.charman)

    Hi Rob,

    Does this plugin provide any advantage over using the HTML Publisher plugin for Concordion reports?

    1. Unknown User (rjohnst)

      Hi Nigel

      Not really, except that the word "Concordion" now shows up in the list of available plugins (wink)

  2. Unknown User (addebesi)

    Hi Rob

    I get a 404 error when I try to access the 'latest concordion results' link. (sad)   

    I've set the 'Concordion report location' to be the directory where the concordion results html is generated to - I'm guessing that's what it should be pointing to.

    Do you know what I've done wrong?

    1. Unknown User (rjohnst)

      Hi Allan

      That will happen if the results for the "last completed" build aren't parsed by the plugin - so the build might be failing and the results aren't generated. What appears in the console?

      This is also an issue, since that link should really point to the last set of results that the plugin picked up

      1. Unknown User (addebesi)

        Hi Rob

        Thanks for your answer :-)

        My Concordion output directory is 'trunk/direct-tv-service-module/build/spec-results' and the reports are successfully generated here. The build is successful and I get this message in the console output:

        Total time: 3 seconds
        Archiving Concordion test report...
        Archiving report from /root/.hudson/jobs/Specification Tests/workspace/trunk/direct-tv-service-module/build/spec-results to /root/.hudson/jobs/Specification Tests/builds/2010-08-01_13-11-32/concordion

        If I look on the Hudson server I can see the html files have been moved correctly to:


        and I can see the moved html files in there.

        This is the result of an 'ls -R' in that directory:


        However I still get a 404 if I click on the concordion reports link in Hudson. :-(

        Do you know what I have done wrong?

        1. Unknown User (addebesi)

          I've just answered my own question (smile)

          The concordion tests need their own index.html to be put in the root of the concordion output directory.

          Do this and it works perfectly. (big grin)


          1. Unknown User (rjohnst)

            Hi Allan

            Yes, that'll do it (smile)

          2. Unknown User (larrycai)

            So who is responsible to generate index.html

            this plugin, or concordion test case (special configuration) or own scripts ?

            1. Unknown User (rjohnst)

              From what I've seen, it's your own scripts. We perform some post-processing on the concordion output to create an index.html that links to each of the concordion reports, I'm assuming that's what Allan's done as well.