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  • CodeBeamer Source Code Coverage Publisher Plugin

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This plugin provides Source Code Coverage information - based on Jacoco, Cobertura and Gcov - as Test-Cases and Test-Runs directly in codeBeamer ALM.

If you have questions or found a bug, please refer to the Project Page


Plugin Information

View Codebeamer Coverage Publisher on the plugin site for more information.


  1. Create a Jenkins job that generates Jacoco or Cobertura coverage report in XML format. 
  2. Add the "Codebeamer Source Code Coverage Publisher" step in the "Post-build Actions" section to the job.
  3. Customize the step’s attributes, set the report XML path. 
  4. Run the build.


  • Jacoco Report File Path: The path to the Jacoco report file in the workspace. Example: /target/site/jacoco/jacoco.xml
  • Cobertura Report File Path: The path to the Cobertura (or gcovr) report file in the workspace. Example: /report/cobertura.xml
  • URL: The codeBeamer Url. Example: https://cb-host:8080/cb
  • Username: The codeBeamer user name. 
  • Password: The codeBeamer password. 
  • Test Configuration Item ID: The ID of a tracker Item on a Test Configuration Tracker. 
  • Test Set Tracker ID: The ID of a tracker where the test set will be created. 
  • Test Case Tracker ID: The ID of a tracker where the test cases will be created.
  • Test Case Top Node ID: The ID of a tracker Item on a Test Case Tracker. If provided then the created Test Cases will have this node/folder as parent. Warning this setting will override Test Case Tracker ID.
  • Test Run Tracker ID: The ID of a tracker where the test runs will be created.
  • Include Packages: You can include one or multiple packages (separator ;) in the upload to codeBeamer. If not provided all packages are included by default. example: com.exaple;com.otherpackage
  • Exclude Packages: You can exclude one or multiple test packages (separator ;) from the upload to codeBeamer. example: com.exaple;com.otherpackage
  • Success Limit:The test run success percentage can be specified by coverage type in this section. If one of these thresholds are violated, the generated test result value will be failed, otherwise it will be successful. Specify 0 to disable status validation for this type of coverage.  

Technical Support

If you have any questions or need assistance with setting up the plugin and configuring the step’s properties, please contact the codeBeamer Support Team