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Plugin Information

View Changes since last successful build on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin adds a build action to aggregate changes from all previous builds to the last successful one. The primary goal is to generate a changelog to be used for continuous delivery, as an aggregate for all changes since the last deployable artifact. 

Additionally, this plugin can be used to generate a changelog for an arbitrary range of builds :

  • /changes-since-last-success/lastSuccess for the last successful build
  • /changes-since-last-success/lastStable for the last stable build
  • /changes-since-last-success/buildNumber/1234 for changes since build 1234
  • /changes-since-last-success/since/date for changes since specified date (using yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z')


  • Fix "last successful/stable build" computation to compute from current build, not absolute project last success/stable
  • Change internal design for better flexibility
  • expose aggregated changes as REST API
  • fix date range computation
  • include range definition in changelog header
  • add "since" range definition to lookup per date
  • initial release.
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  1. Unknown User (jimsearle)

    If this could be modified to work inside the Conditional BuildStep Plugin would be awesome!  I need to trigger build steps based on changes since lastSuccess, lastBuild, ...

  2. Unknown User (aartemov)

    This is a good plugin. For some reason it didn't work for the first time, though restart was made.

    The only thing, which would be good, if I could easily have this changes list in convenient format, which then could be used in email notifications, for example. Is there any possibility to have it?

  3. Unknown User (dkreuer)

    I would like to use this plugin. But unfortunately the plugin does not work for me after installation. Is there some more documentation?

  4. Unknown User (thamps)


    I can't see this option anywhere. Where do I find it really? Using 1.499 jenkins and 0.5 Changes since last successful plugin. 

    Are there any other methods to do something on these lines?

  5. Unknown User (aartemov)

    It's strange, but I can't find this plugin on the following page:

  6. Unknown User (jamil_nyc)

    Are there any instructions on how to use this plugin?

  7. Unknown User (timmyleahy)

    I also don't see how this is supposed to work. Was there a build action at some point that was removed?

  8. Unknown User (titto_t)

    Is there any idea how it works..what are need for it to work..? 

  9. Unknown User (catonyx)

    Well, it was difficult to see the addition. I found that if you look at build number you will see this on the left "Changes since last success"

  10. Unknown User (postman)

    Is it possible to access the changelog from e g a template (e g Jelly) for the email-ext plugin?

    I'd like to include a changelog since last successful build in an email.

  11. Unknown User (postman)

    Also, how are the "paths" described at the top of this page supposed to be used? REST API call, or just add to the URL?

  12. Unknown User (pyrocks)

    Is it possible to add pipeline support?