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This script changes the Version-Number in the SVN-path of the SVN-configuration for a specific SVN-repository and job.

This is useful, when a project often changes the SVN-path because of a new branch for every release.

From Scriptler 

import hudson.scm.*
//import hudson.model.*

/** Old Version for the SVN-Path */
oldVersion  = "1.28"

/** New Version for the SVN-Path */
newVersion  = "1.29"

/** Path to the SVN-Repo containing with the following */
svnpath = "repo/testjob"

 /** Jobs containing with */
jobs = "testjob"

/** Should we override existing values? */
overrideExistingValues = false

/** Display Konfiguration */
println "### Overwrite SVN-Version ###"
println "oldVersion:     " + oldVersion
println "newVersion:     " + newVersion
println "Jobs with:      " + jobs
println "Repo_with_Path: " + svnpath

// ----- Do the work. -----

// Access to the Hudson Singleton
hudsonInstance = hudson.model.Hudson.instance

// Retrieve all Jobs which starts with -jobs-
allItems = hudsonInstance.items
chosenJobs = allItems.findAll{job -> job.name.contains(jobs)}

// Table header
col1 = "Job".center(35)
col2 = "OldPath".center(120)
col3 = "NewPath".center(120)
header = "$col1 | $col2 | $col3"
line = header.replaceAll("[Change Version-Number in SVN-path^|]", "-").replaceAll("\\|", "+")

println line
println header
println line

// Do work and create the result table
chosenJobs.each { job ->
 if(!(job instanceof hudson.model.ExternalJob)) {
   // No SCM-Configuration possible for External Jobs!
   if (job.scm instanceof SubversionSCM) {
     // Job has a SubversionSCM-Konfiguration
     def oldSvnPath = [][]
     def newSvnPath = [][]
       //For every Subversion-Location
       if (it.remote.contains(svnpath)) {
         //SVN-Path contains the given Path
         oldRemote = it.remote.padRight(119)
         jobname  = job.name.padRight(35)
         newRemote = it.remote
         if (it.remote.contains(oldVersion)) {
           //SVN-Path contains the old Version, which should be replaced
           newRemote = it.remote.replaceAll(/$oldVersion/,"$newVersion")  //Replace
           //Build new SVN-Location (it is not possible to change a value in the existing configuration)
           newSvnPath.add(new hudson.scm.SubversionSCM.ModuleLocation(newRemote,it.local))

           //For Visualisation of the changed Value
           newRemote = newRemote.padRight(120,"<")
           // Output Result for this Subversion-Location
           println "$jobname | $oldRemote ]> $newRemote"
         } else {
           //Visualisation of value which is not changed
           newRemote = newRemote.padRight(120)
           // Output Result for this Subversion-Location
           println "$jobname | $oldRemote  | $newRemote"

     // Every Location was checked. Building new SVN-Configuration with the new SVN-Locations
     newscm = new hudson.scm.SubversionSCM(newSvnPath, job.scm.workspaceUpdater, job.scm.browser,
     job.scm.excludedRegions, job.scm.excludedUsers, job.scm.excludedRevprop, job.scm.excludedCommitMessages, job.scm.includedRegions)
     if (overrideExistingValues){
       // Only write values, when overrideExistingValues is true
       job.scm = newscm;
     println line
     //Job is done
println line
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  1. Unknown User (chris_williams1)

    !! Warning !!...there are missing lines in the script posted above that will cause the SVN URLs to be erased from jobs when "overrideExistingValues" is true and "it.remote.contains(oldVersion)" is false. Follow the From Scriptler link for a working version of this script.

    The else block should be:

    } else {
      //Build new SVN-Location (it is not possible to change a value in the existing configuration)            
      newSvnPath.add(new hudson.scm.SubversionSCM.ModuleLocation(newRemote,it.local))            
      //Visualisation of value which is not changed            
      newRemote = newRemote.padRight(120)         
      // Output Result for this Subversion-Location   
      println "$jobname | $oldRemote  | $newRemote"