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Plugin Information

View Campfire on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin allows your team to setup build notifications to be sent to Campfire rooms.

Open issues

  • Notify a room when a build fails just once
  • Support for maven2 projects
  • A link back to the failed build
  • i18n

Version 1.0

  • Notify a room when a build is completed
  • Allow notifications to be setup per job
  • Supports Freestyle jobs
  • New screen in the Configure Job page in the Post-Build Actions section to Notify Campfire
  • If the post fails should not cause the build to fail

Version 1.1

  • Supports new 37signals Campfire API
  • Global configuration (thanx to Mark Woods for his contribution)
  • Checks connection before notifying (thanx to Mark Woods for his contribution)

Version 2.1

Merged contributions by Mark Woods and Joshua Krall (big thanks!) from http://github.com/jgp/hudson_campfire_plugin


  1. Unknown User (ches)

    I see that global configuration was added, but is there a way to override settings per-project? I'd like to use global Campfire account settings but set different rooms to notify per-project.

  2. Unknown User (d0uhavemystapler)

    Questions about the global configuration settings:

    I am using my personal login credentials to try to get Jenkins to notify via campfire

    1. Subdomain:  Help tip says "The subdomain for your Campfire account. This value is used to build the URL used when interacting with the Campfire API, e.g. http://mysubdomain.campfirenow.com"
      1. Does that mean that I would enter "mysubdomain" or "http://mysubdomain.campfirenow.com"
    2. API Token
      1. I used the value that was in the "My info" screen for my Campfire profile.  It is a long hex number.  Is this correct?
    3. Room Name
      1. I used the human readable name of the room, ie "My Room" not the numeric value in the url ie campfirenow/room/123456
    4. Hudson URL
      1. I left this blank and entered the url of my Jenkins server
    5. Use SSL
      1. Checked this since I am using https
      2. If the answer to question 1 above is that I need to enter the ful URL to the campfire subdomain, then I have also tried "https://mysubdomain.campfirenow.com"

    When I enable Campfire on a a specific project I get the error "Failed to initialize campfire notifier - check your global campfire notifier configuration settings"

  3. Unknown User (etrepum)

    Chad, I just had the same questions myself so I just took a look at the source and got it working.

    1. Subdomain should look like "mysubdomain"
    2. API token should be a long hex number
    3. Room name should be the human readable "My Room"
    4. Hudson URL should be the URL of your Jenkins server
    5. Use SSL will speak to Campfire via https, the default is http. You probably want this on.