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Plugin Information

View Bulk Builder on the plugin site for more information.

Trigger multiple builds with ease. Designed for users with many jobs.



Offical CI Server
Backstage CI Server (more stats available)

Both track the official repository at github.com/jenkinsci/bulk-builder-plugin.


Please raise an issue for any bugs you find, and ensure the component is set to bulk-builder. Please include details about your Jenkins setup and plugin version number.

Integration with external systems

Bulk builds can be easily triggered by external scripts or processes,

curl -u username:password -X POST http://localhost:8080/bulkbuilder/build -d action=immediate_build -d build=all

curl -u username:password -X POST http://localhost:8080/bulkbuilder/build -d action=immediate_build -d build=failed

curl -u username:password -X POST http://localhost:8080/bulkbuilder/build -d action=immediate_build -d build=all -d pattern=*foo*

Patterns accepts wildcard (star)
If any curl requests does not have the expected outcome it is recommended to test by executing the plugin manually in Jenkins and then check the browser log via the browser development mode.
F.ex. in Chrome. Press F12 to enter dev mode. Select 'Preserve log' and then select Network. After you push the Build button you can examine the actual request sent by the bulk builder plugin.


Version 1.5 (2012-04-04)

  • Fixed regression whereby user supplied parameters were ignored (JENKINS-12968)

Version 1.4 (2011-11-14)

  • Added support for bulk polling. This includes significant internal refactoring of the plugin (JENKINS-10930)
  • Allow wildcards in patterns (JENKINS-11712)

Version 1.3 (2011-09-04)

Version 1.2 (2011-06-22)

  • Moved radio buttons introduced in 1.1 behind 'Advanced' button.

Version 1.1 (2011-06-20)

  • Prevent bulk builder index.jelly automatically reloading (which wipes out form changes not submitted)
  • Added additional radio buttons to build unstable builds, aborted builds, etc.

Version 1.0 (2011-05-13)

  • Fixed NPE when initiating bulk builds via curl/external scripts (JENKINS-8743)

Version 0.8 (2011-03-23)

Version 0.7 (2011-02-25)

  • Add support for parameterised builds (JENKINS-8456)
  • Small internal refactoring and content tweaks

Version 0.6 (2011-02-06)

  • Create build/slave stats side bar (JENKINS-8534)
  • License update
  • Hudson > Jenkins migration

Version 0.5 (2010-12-09)

  • Build pattern field auto-suggests previous patterns.

Version 0.4 (2010-11-17)

  • Internationalised content. Translations are welcome!

Version 0.3 (2010-11-17)

  • Added "build jobs by pattern" feature
  • Added licensing to source files
  • Put more detail into pom file
  • Refactored code to separate view/model logic

Version 0.2.1 (2010-11-04)

  • Corrected package naming as per Hudson plugin docs

Version 0.2 (2010-11-04)

  • Broken release (hey, I'm still new to the release process (smile) )

Version 0.1 (2010-10-01)

  • Initial release


  1. Unknown User (yamabb)


    It will be more convenient if this plugin also supports "build all jobs in a selected view" ?

    "Job view" function  is a general and convenient way to select target jobs,
    and creation of views seems to be easy and useful even for temporary "bulk build" purpose.


    1. Unknown User (swestcott)

      Hi Yama,

      Version 1.3 includes a 'build view' feature and should be available in the plugin manager in 24/48hrs. Any feedback is welcome.



  2. Unknown User (asmarfatia)


    Would it be possible to include permissions to this plugins. Would like to restrict who can bulk build.




  3. Unknown User (vijayavardhan)


    How do we get the status of the jobs run on remote machines using bulk builder?