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Plugin Information

View Build With Parameters on the plugin site for more information.

Allows the user to provide parameters for a build in the url, prompting for confirmation before triggering the job.

The plugin exposes $JENKINS/job/$JOB/parambuild url to trigger the build with parameter. Unlike $JENKINS/job/$JOB/buildWithParameters, human must confirm that the parameters are correct before the build is triggered. This is useful if you want to create a list of jobs with parameters to trigger ahead of time, and execute it at some future date (e.g. a deployment plan).

An example triggering of a job with the plugin:





  1. Unknown User (martin_naughton)

    can add in that you have to select "This build is parameterized". Add the parameters you want the user to be able to change before the build

    You would of added in the section "This build is parameterized" three parameters :HOST ,VERSION,DB_UPDATE. to get them to show on this page.

  2. Unknown User (vishalrekala)

    Is there anyway i can trigger a build with same parameters as previous run? without having manually entering them in parameters field?


    1. Unknown User (danielbeck)

      Use the Rebuild plugin.

      Also, nobody usually monitors wiki comments. Ask the jenkinsci-users mailing list or on IRC instead.

  3. Unknown User (ppstay)

    Where can I see the change log?

  4. Unknown User (darkrat)

    I having issues using this plugin when one of my parameters is an "Extended Choice Parameter" of Complex Parameter Types and Multi-Level Multi Select

    The field will not populate with the value in the query string, and if I manually enter a value it doesn't get passed to the job.

    I think it might be because the Extended Choice Parameter is resetting the value to nil

  5. Unknown User (perun)

    It would be great if it was possible to choose from the parameters when triggering new build, like when you start it in the menu. Especially with the drop downs.

  6. Unknown User (markhu)

    Someone entered a Jira ticket about it not working with Jenkins' Pipeline jobs: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-35378

  7. Unknown User (itsmartmady)

    Hi All,

    I want to create dependent parameter while using build with parameter plugin. please help.

    My requirement is :

    I am using build with parameter

               I have 4 checkbox variable .

     based on the selection of checkbox there will be another parameter will display.

    if the first checkbox is selected then there will be another variable will show and user can select the value from them.

    Is this possible