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Plugin Information

View Build Monitor View on the plugin site for more information.

Build Monitor Plugin provides a highly visible view of the status of selected Jenkins jobs.

It easily accommodates different computer screen sizes and is ideal as an Extreme Feedback Device to be displayed on a screen on your office wall.
(Inspired by the no longer maintained RadiatorView plugin).

Getting the latest version

If the plugin doesn't appear in your Jenkins Update Centre, visit Manage Plugins / Advanced and click the "Check now" button to make Jenkins retrieve the latest update-center.json data.


I'd like to keep the plugin as simple as possible, yet useful and effective.

Current functionality of the Build Monitor plugin:

  1. Displays the status and progress of selected jobs, the view is updated automatically every couple of seconds using AJAX. No "Enable Auto Refresh" needed.
  2. Displays the names of people who might be responsible for "breaking the build".
  3. Supports the Claim plugin, so that you can see who's fixing a broken build
  4. Supports View Job Filters, so that you can easily create Build Monitors for "slow builds", "only failing", etc.
  5. Supports Build Failure Analyzer, so that you know not only who, but also what broke the build; more here
  6. Supports CloudBees Folders Plugin, so that you can have project- and team-specific nested Build Monitors; more here
  7. The number of columns and size of the font used is easily customisable, making it trivial to accommodate screens of different sizes.
  8. UI configuration is stored in a cookie, making it possible to display different number of columns and using different font size on each of the screens at your office.
  9. Can work in a colour-blind-friendly mode

Do you find Build Monitor useful? Support its development (smile)

Like Build Monitor it? Give it a star on github! ★

Have an idea for a new awesome feature? Start here

Have feedback? Let me know on twitter: @JanMolak

You can also sponsor a feature on bountysource!

Setting up

To create a new Build Monitor View, click on the "New View" tab, select "Build Monitor View" and select jobs you wish to display on the monitor.

You can have as many Build Monitor Views as you wish - the most popular approach is to have one per team or one per project.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Please note that you can change the number of columns and the size of the font using the gear icon in the top right corner.


If you'd like to understand more about the logic behind the Build Monitor Plugin, feel free to have a look at the tests that drove the design.

Found an issue?

Please report it on Github.
If you also know how to fix it and have a spare moment - I always welcome pull requests (smile) Check out the mini development guide before you start, as it might be helpful.

Change log

Want to know about new releases early? Follow me on twitter

You can find the high-level overview of all releases on Github, and a detailed change log below:

The MIT License

Copyright (c) 2013-2017, Jan Molak, SmartCode Ltd http://smartcodeltd.co.uk

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.



  1. Unknown User (hdstich)

    Great tool, has replaced another build wall plugin we've used until now! :)

    Nevertheless, the addition of the following features would be really appreciated:

    • 'Possible culprits': Would it be possible to makes the display of this information optional?
    • The progress bar display is really great, but would it be possible to disable the flashing?


    ~ Hans-Dieter ~

    1. Unknown User (janek)

      Hey Hans and thanks for your feedback! 'Possible culprits' disappear when a build is claimed (as of v1.4+build.102). Disabling the flashing would definitely be possible to do (smile) Please raise a github issue if you still want to see it!

      All the best,

  2. Unknown User (edrandall)

    This plugin makes assumptions about the job paths/URLs which do not work well if you use the Cloudbees Folders plugin


    1. Unknown User (janek)

      Hi Ed, that's correct; Support for Cloudbees Folders is under way - https://github.com/jan-molak/jenkins-build-monitor-plugin/issues/50

      1. Unknown User (janek)

        ... and has arrived! Hope you like it (smile) Get the latest build and let me know what you think on twitter: @JanMolak

  3. Unknown User (marc_qat)

    Hi !

    Nice plugin really, and very useful!

    Would it be possible to optionally display last execution datetime, or the time elapsed since last execution  for every job?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Unknown User (janek)

      Hi Marc and thanks for your feedback! There's a ticket raised for that on github, please feel free to vote on it there - https://github.com/jan-molak/jenkins-build-monitor-plugin/pull/63

  4. Unknown User (stanchenko)

    Hi, Jan

    Thanks for plugin. It's awesome :)
    Would it be possible to optionally display some buttons for every job, such as: 

    Build now

    Console output (for last build)

    I open console for the last build every time when jobs or tests are failed.

    It may be like on the next picture:

    I have a few different ways how to display it. 
    If you like this idea, just let me know :D

    Regards, Sergii

    1. Unknown User (ianbamforth)

      I like this idea too, I'd been searching for a way to do it.  Would certainly be useful to me.


    2. Unknown User (devopshey)

      Could you please share with us how to add buttons for every job ? Thanks

  5. Unknown User (mepp)

    This is a really great view! Have you run across anything that combines the functionality of this, with the Dependency Graph Viewer? How much work do you think it would take to make it read in the dependency tree and format the blocks that way, possibly with lines/arrows joining them together?

    1. Unknown User (janek)

      Thanks Matthew! I'm glad that you like it (smile) The view that might achieve something similar to what I believe is you're describing is the Build Pipeline View. Have you tried that already?

      1. Unknown User (mepp)

        Hmm, I did look that one over. I was hoping to find one that simply read the Downstream Builds data and show build statuses based on that. It looks like Build Pipeline would conflict with the existing plugin. I'll test it out on our dev jenkins. Thanks!

  6. Unknown User (srinath_ragh)

    very useful plugin.. would be awesome if we could do a "custom" ordering.

    1. Unknown User (janmolak)

      Hey Srinath and thanks for your feedback! There's already a ticket raised for that on github: https://github.com/jan-molak/jenkins-build-monitor-plugin/issues/37
      Could you please vote on it if you still need this functionality?



  7. Unknown User (sunderkonda007)

    I tried to use this along with Dashboard plugin but this one is taking the whole page and even going on to the Jenkins menu.

    How do we control the size of the screens for this plugin so it can fit in with Dashboard plugin?

    I want to use this and Dashboard plugin hand in hand with the right layout/size and shapes.

    1. Unknown User (janmolak)

      Hey Sunder.

      Yes, Build Monitor is a full-screen view and a dashboard in it's own right. I'm guessing that if you wanted to embed it as part of the Dashboard view you'd need a trimmed down version?
      Could you please raise a ticket on github if you still need this functionality?  [https://github.com/jan-molak/jenkins-build-monitor-plugin



  8. Unknown User (lievencardoen)

    Since I've upgraded to Jenkins 2.0, all our dashboards return a 403.


    Sorry to bother you, but there is a slight issue ...

    Jenkins returned a "403" response causing the last request to fail. This usually means a network connection problem or that Jenkins is being restarted. Don't worry, reloading the page should help :-)

    Lieven Cardoen

    1. Unknown User (simi123)

      However, I am having the same issue on my Jenkin 2.0( windows ). After I reload the page, it still show the same error message. 

      Jenkins returned a "403" response causing the last request to fail. This usually means a network connection problem or that Jenkins is being restarted. Don't worry, reloading the page should help :-)

      And this error seems only happen on Windows machine, it works fine on my Linux one. Any ideas ?


      1. Unknown User (janek)

        Hi there,

        The latest build (1.9) provides support for Jenkins 2.0. Can you please upgrade and let me know if everything is fine?

        By the way, the best place to report issues with Build Monitor is the project's github repository at github.com/jan-molak/jenkins-build-monitor-plugin


  9. Unknown User (pgporada)

    Would it be possible to add config that allows a person to change the colors of a build icon?

    1. Unknown User (janek)

      Hey Phil, not sure what icon you're referring to?


      1. Unknown User (pgporada)


        Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry, icon was the wrong word. What I'm attempting to say, albeit poorly, is that it would be useful to be able to change the color of a build tile on the wallboard view. Currently the build tile flashes bright green, but my eyes can't really tell the difference between an actively building job and a stable successfully completed job. Hence being able to change the color of the tiles would be useful, at least for me.

  10. Unknown User (ripplegupta)

    @jan-molak Firstly want to thanks for this awesome plugin.
    We are using monitor view to show status of our builds and our builds are running automation on our products.
    Each job in view is displaying an information which i do not want, that "last number of build failed." (See screenshot attached) Unstable builds are also taken into consideration but i dnt want to confuse audience as unstable build is good for me than failed build.
    Can i remove that piece of information somehow. In documentation i dont see this information displayed on failed builds but dnt know why its been shown on my view.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  11. Unknown User (sudheersaripella)

    Plugin(Build Monitor dashboard) is getting crashed if i try to add a job that is configured with Failure Cause Management(Build Failure analyser). PFB screenshot.

  12. Unknown User (malcolm_shamwana)

    We have been happily using this plugin for several years, unfortunately since version 1.8 a scrollbar now appears when there are lots of jobs displayed. As this is shown on a large unmanned monitor in full-screen mode ALL the jobs need to be on the screen at the same time and with a large enough font to read from a distance.

    Can this old behaviour be offered as an option e.g. "Fit on screen ?"

    old v1.7

    v1.12 (maximum font size)

  13. Unknown User (eddgrant)

    Hi Unknown User (janek),

    We're using this plugin in conjunction with the job-dsl plugin in a Gradle build. Part of this involves getting Gradle to download this plugin's hpi/ jpi file to run in a Jenkins TestHarness. When doing this Gradle doesn't seem to be able to parse the POM file belonging to this plugin. There's an issue raised here  JENKINS-43171 - Getting issue details... STATUS , would be great if you could provide some insight in to it as I'm not entirely sure what the problem is. Let me know if I can do anything to help!

    Many thanks,


  14. Unknown User (hmacias)

    @Jan Molak,

    I tried to install this plugin using a Cookbook from chef supermarket that points to http://updates.jenkins-ci.org/download/plugins/. It failed as this plugin was not found there. Is this expected? Should I download hpi file from a different repo in case I want to install it manually?

  15. Unknown User (pnobili)

    Hi Jan,

    BuildMonitor is a great plugin, many thanks for that. One very useful feature would be to be able to display other things than the build status in the matrix... 

    Rationale: sometimes the build statuses are always (or almost always) SUCCESS,but the builds yield a different information worth visualizing. For example, code quality indicators (e.g. icons with letters A-G and colors). In these cases, it would be absolutely great to be able to display badges instead of colored statuses..

    Just a suggestion, many thanks again. Phil.

  16. Unknown User (tcsabina)

    Could this plugin be update to support Pipeline job Stage Views, which is delivered by this plugin?

    I would like to see the Stage View of multiple projects on one monitoring page.