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Plugin Information

View Block Queued Job on the plugin site for more information.


Plugin for blocking/unblocking job in queue by some conditions configured in this job.


Built in conditions:

  • Block job when last build of defined target project is in building status
  • Block job when last build of defined target project has result

Note: conditions has waterfall priority so if "unblock" conditions get matching first - job will be unblocked, if not - then next condition will be verified.

Provides @ExtensionPoint so other plugins can provide other block/unblock features


In git repository


1. Enable job property

a) Open job configuration

b) Press checkbox "Block/Unblock task in queue"

2. Add conditions

3. Save job

1 Comment

  1. Unknown User (gaalandr)


    is it possible to use this plugin with Multibranch Pipeline projects?