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Plugin Information

View Stash Notifier on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin notifies an Atlassian Bitbucket (or Stash) instance of Jenkins builds in progress and of their results. The build results will show up in the commit or pull request list in Bitbucket/Stash and provide immediate and easy to scan feedback about a commit. It is possible to navigate from build result information in Bitbucket/Stash directly to the build in question. The plugin can be configured on a per-job basis, globally for all Jobs or both to minimize the configuration overhead.


  1. Could you add release notes please?

  2. I've problem if build is succesful it's still showing  the icon that build is in progress. But if build is failed then it show the correct icon (the red one).

    I'm using Bitbucket Server 5.8.1,  Stash Notifier Plugin 1.13 and Jenkins 2.104

    would really appreciate if you can help me to solve this.


    Thanks in advanced

  3. Hello Rudy Mu

    Could you help me that how did you do Bitbucket configuration ?

    I installed  Stash Notifier Plugin to Jenkins side but I haven't found anything about Bitbucket Server side configuration.


  4. Actually it is standard configuration. I run this command in Jenkins Pipeline. It shows the correct icon if there is an error but if it succesful it just shows progress icon

    post {
    success {
    script {
    if (stringName != "others")
    echo "success"
    notifyBitbucket commitSha1: '', considerUnstableAsSuccess: false, credentialsId: 'XX', disableInprogressNotification: true, ignoreUnverifiedSSLPeer: false, includeBuildNumberInKey: true, prependParentProjectKey: false, projectKey: '', stashServerBaseUrl: "${stashURL}"

  5. I found the reason why. It is because currentBuild.result. Now it works fine

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