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Slide, Inc. is planning on hosting a Hudson Bay Area Meetup/Hackathon on July 18th, 2009 in downtown San Francisco. We are currently planning to run the meetup from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Slide, Inc. is located at 301 Brannan St (floors 4-6), and is in the SOMA district. (Google Maps)

By car

Street parking available, I don't think it's metered on the weekends, if it is, there's ample public day parking in the area of the ball park (particularly between 2nd and 3rd St on Townsend St.)

From CalTrain

  • Walk up 2 blocks up 4th street towards the city (crossing Townsend)
  • Turn right on Brannan St
  • Walk 2 blocks up Brannan St.

From Muni

Consult the Muni Maps, I don't ride Muni so I don't know the most efficient route.

Day of

On the 18th when you arrive, if there's not somebody outside waiting, please call rtyler at 415-728-3595

Depending, we may order some lunch, but refreshments, and snappy wireless access will be available (smile)


So we can gauge how much food and beer to purchase, please RSVP by the 17th.

  • R. Tyler Ballance (commit: rtyler, email: tyler@slide.com) (hosting the meetup)
  • Kohsuke Kawaguchi (commit: kohsuke, email: kk@kohsuke.org)
  • Andrew Bayer (commit: abayer, email: andrew.bayer@gmail.com)
  • Adam Christian (commit: admc, email: adam@slide.com)
  • Mike Rooney+1 (commit: mcrooney, email: mrooney@ubuntu.com)
  • Victor M. (email: calculuspenguin@yahoo.com)
  • Chris Lewis (commit: lewisham, email: cflewis AT soe DOT ucsc DOT edu) (maybe late, maybe leaving early. Stupid public transit).
  • Thom K
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1 Comment

  1. Unknown User (andrew.bayer@gmail.com)

    Just making note of a few things I want to talk about/look into while we're there:

    • Node monitoring improvements
    • Plugin dependencies on core and plugin updates in general
      • How do we handle a situation where version X+1 of a plugin depends on version >Y of Hudson core?
      • Can we rework the plugin builds to not depend on snapshots of Hudson core, to simplify building locally?
      • Say a plugin has major changes to its configuration from version X to version X+1 - how can we notify users of this when they update, so that we don't end up with gobs of bug reports when their old configurations don't work any more?
    • m2-extra-steps - I'm thinking this should probably get moved into the maven plugin proper.