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Plugin Information

View AWS Code Commit Jobs on the plugin site for more information.

Creates jobs multi-branch for each repository in code commit.

It uses the code commit API to get all repositories.

It is able to filter by name with a regex.

And for each repository, it creates a jenkins job per branch.


  1. Unknown User (juanxstingo)

    Is it possible that it's not cloning repo to server?

    In multi-branch project I have the same problem.

    Both using aws codecommit.



    1. Unknown User (sjeandeaux)

      Hi Unknown User (juanxstingo),

      Did you try to use the filter?



      1. Unknown User (juanxstingo)

        Hey, thanks for the replay.

        I didn't use filter and jenkins version is: 2.101.

        Anyway I don't think it's an issue with your plugin.

        Seems that it is an issue with AWS codecommit and multibranch projects in jenkins. In this case the repo is to being cloned.

        With freestyle project it works but I need multibranch.
        Tanks again.

  2. Unknown User (sjeandeaux)

    Hi Unknown User (juanxstingo)

    Do you have any problems?

    If it is the case, could you add more information (jenkins version, aws-codecommit version or/and screenshot)?