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Plugin Information

View AssertThat BDD Jira on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin provides seamless integration with AssertThat - BDD Test Automation in Jira

AssertThat BDD Jira Plugin

Main features are:

  • Download feature files before test run
  • Filter features to download based on mode (automated/manual/both), or/and JQL
  • Upload cucumber or karate json after the run to AsserTthat BDD Jira plugin

Create credentials

Usage in Job

Download feature files:

Upload reports:

Usage in pipeline Job

pipeline {
    agent any 
    stages {
        stage('Features') { 
            steps {
                //Download feature files
                assertthatBddFeatures(credentialsId: '10005', jql: 'project=DEMO', mode: 'automated', outputFolder: 'features', projectId: '10005')
        stage('Run tests') { 
            steps {
                //Run tests here

                //Upload test results
                assertthatBddReport(credentialsId: '10005', jsonReportFolder: 'report', jsonReportIncludePattern: '**/*.json', projectId: '10005', runName: 'Smoke test run', type: 'karate')

For more information on the Jira plugin features visit wiki. And try on Marketplace

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