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  1. Unknown User (frinux)

    I am encountering a problem on the buildInfo generation (empty or non existent file), all details can be found on the dedicated Stackoverflow post)

    Stack: Jenkins (up to date), Gradle 3.1, Artifactory

  2. Unknown User (elordahl)

    Are there any restrictions around the build-retention's deleteBuildArtifacts setting?  When setting to true (via pipeline job), only the builds are deleted and not the artifacts themselves.

    //upload_spec and server already defined
    def build_info = server.upload(upload_spec)
    build_info.retention maxBuilds: 3, deleteBuildArtifacts: true

    I can see that the properties are set in the build-info json in Artifactory and the builds are deleted, but the Artifacts themselves remain :(

    Jenkins 2.19.4

    Artifactory Plugin: 2.8.2

  3. Unknown User (mocsharp)

    I have files stored on Artifactory in the format of /product-name/version/  How do I download it so that is stored under artifacts/

    With the following spec, the file downloaded to artifacts/product-name/version/

    "files": [
                    "pattern": "/product-name/version/",
                    "target": "artifacts/"

    Thank you!

  4. Unknown User (eyalb)

    You can add to the spec the "flat" property with a "true" value. See File Specs documentation referenced from this page.

  5. Unknown User (z9944x)

    Is it possible to promote a build that have deploy on two different artifactory repository ?

    As example, our build create a nuget package and a zip.  The nuget package is deployed in artifactory in a nuget repository type and the zip is depoyed in a genereic repository type

    Here is our upload settings:

           		uploadSpec = """{
      				"files": [
        	  				"pattern": "Rerservation.Service*/*.nupkg",
          					"target": "nuget-ci/"
        	  				"pattern": "*.zip",
          					"target": "generic-ci/ReservationService/"


    This is working fine.

    Here is the promotion settings :

      		def promotionConfig = [
    		          	'buildName'          :,
        				'buildNumber'        : buildInfo.number,
        				'targetRepo'         : 'nuget-release',
        		  		'comment'            : 'Enter comment here',
    					'sourceRepo'         : 'nuget-ci',
    					'status'             : 'Released',
        				'includeDependencies': true,
        				'copy'               : false,
    		// Promote build
    		 Artifactory.addInteractivePromotion server: server, promotionConfig: promotionConfig, displayName: "Test1"


    Accordingly to the artifactory documentation, it says :  "You can add as many builds as you like, by using the method multiple times. All the builds added will be displayed in the promotion window. "

    But in fact, it does not work.  When we call two time the method, the "Source promotion repository" and the "Target promotion repository" are empty and the promotion fail 

    Is anyone have succeeded doing promotion for a build that use more than one repository in Artifactory ?