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This plugin enables development teams that are using the Apprenda Cloud Platform the ability to deploy their Jenkins projects to Apprenda seamlessly. These Jenkins projects consist of legacy and cloud native applications that can be deployed and managed by Apprenda. For more information, read the documentation on Apprenda applications at http://docs.apprenda.com/current/app-fundamentals

Plugin Information

View Apprenda on the plugin site for more information.


The Apprenda integration into Jenkins CI is designed to extend application development functionality within the Jenkins CI environment. This plugin has the capability of performing:

  • SMART VERSION DETECTION – To minimize downtime for production applications, the plugin communicates with the Apprenda Platform to determine whether the application is already published, and it will create a new version at the target lifecycle stage.

  • TARGET STAGE DEPLOYMENTS – For software engineers with short development cycles that demand rapid changes, the Apprenda plugin deploys the version of the application into Definition, Sandbox (Dev & Test), or Published (Production).

  • CUSTOM VERSIONING – Developers can provide a custom prefix for the application version, allowing for branched development and testing.


Additional documentation is available on our Github repo at https://github.com/jenkinsci/apprenda-plugin