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Plugin Information

View AnchorChain on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin allows you to add some links from a text file to the sidebar at every build.

The data are obtained from a user selected file in a working directory. The structure of the file is as follows:

  • each line in file describes one link to be added to the sidebar
  • each line must contain three fields divided by tabs: name, url, icon. One can omit icon field to use default.

AnchorChain complains to console log for any issues.


  1. Unknown User (zionyx)

    Any screenshots would be nice. Thanks.

  2. Unknown User (troymills)

    seems as if no matter what i enter in the file that i've set i get the error "Anchor chain: could not parse line. Need 3 fields: name, url, icon. Got:" and whatever i set.

    1. Unknown User (m0j0hn)

      Hi Troy,

      Looking at the source on Github, looks like version 1.0 uses tab characters (\t) to delimit the fields in the file, not commas (,) as that error message would seem to indicate - and I have confirmed this because I just got this working on my Jenkins.

      P.S. You may need to fiddle with the URL in the second field, too - I put an "Execute Shell" build step in my build to create an AnchorChain file named "anchorChain.tsv" (tsv = Tab Separated Values), and the shell commands look something like the following. Note the second field - you may be able to use one of the predefined Jenkins Environment variables, like WORKSPACE, as a prefix in the file names referenced in this field.

      echo 'File1	/job/your-job-name/ws/file1.html' > anchorChain.tsv
      echo 'File2	/job/your-job-name/ws/file2.html' >> anchorChain.tsv
      echo 'File3	/job/your-job-name/ws/file3.html' >> anchorChain.tsv