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This is a manually collection of feedback that has been noticed around Jenkins 2.0



so far @jenkinsci 2 seems pretty freaking slick

This is your friendly reminder to not rely on .each { } in @jenkinsci workflow/pipeline unless it is enclosed in a NonCPS-annotated method!

[regarding the new setup wizard]

@jenkinsci How will this work for users who bring up CIs in an automated fashion? We have 1,000s that constantly go up and down.

I am little concerned what happens to the Jenkins Job DSL plugin when #Jenkins2 is out.

User Experience

trying jenkins 2.0 (beta); service script didn't start it on centos7. doing java -jar jenkins.war did @jenkinsci

I also just tried the alpha release and was a bit buffled why the SCM plugin list would contain SVN and CVS but not Git. I found out later that the Git plugin seems to be installed by default anyway, maybe you can find a way to make this more clear, I mean I was kinda hoping to find it anyway but you got me confused for a second.

PS: Thumbs up for the tabs in job config, a nice addition would be to highlight tabs that require users attention, e.g. config missing. Alltogether I was hoping for a more radical UI change, but that’s just me (wink)

Pipeline as Code

"Let's build a DSL that reads just like Groovy but just as error prone, side effectingly hard to verify and still not all in SCM." #jenkins2


@jenkinsci Great if #jenkins2 system configure page used tabs like item configuration

First look at the @jenkinsci 2.0 Preview on my blog http://www.nicklatocha.co.uk/2016/03/06/jenkins-2-0-preview-first-look/

Tried out textual #DSL to configure builds as pipelines in @jenkinsci 2.0 alpha.



Great improvements with @jenkinsci #2.0. Finally, the UI gets much-needed love... jenkins.io/2.0 (smile) #jenkins #devops #opensource

@jenkinsci I think #jenkins2 is looking pretty good!

Just installed #Jenkins2. Really like the flow graph. Much clearer than the console/pipeline steps. Great work!

Nice features in the pipeline for #jenkinsci 2.0

@jenkinsci 2.0!! (girly squeak) #automation

@jenkinsci I think #jenkins2 is a solid improvement. In this way, I would like to thank for this piece of software. Code Pipeline is great!

@jenkinsci thumbs up for the Groovy update (smile)

he new deployment pipeline stage view plugin is 100% #FTW #CI #CD & new initial install wizard for 1st time users

I am behind the game but got #jenkins2 running, loving the visual polishing already...can't wait to see what else @jenkinsci has done!

@jenkinsci great!!!

@jenkinsci did some nice first steps towards #jenkins2. I'm excited to see more improvements and features soon!

Just installed #jenkins2. Got Some nice things under the hood

User Experience

@jenkinsci nice, that is a strong improvement

Great to see these visualisation improvements in Jenkins @aheritier @jenkinsci

Even easier than with Jenkins 1: Installation of #Jenkins 2.0. Great work @jenkinsci

Whoa jenkins2.0 has some shiny in it!

@jenkinsci the plug-in installation at the first start is really awesome! Nice job

Pipeline as Code

Playing with @jenkinsci 2.0 alpha release this morning and I must say more than a little excited #JenkinsPipeline

Playing with @jenkinsci 2.0a and the #pipeline madness. Let the magic happen ! #CI

The #PipelinePlugin is my most anticipated feature of the new #JenkinsCI 2.0

#Jenkins2 looks promising, especially the Pipeline feature!

#jenkins2.0 is released for technical preview - jenkins-ci.org/2.0/ looking forward to trying the pipeline as code properly

Checking out @jenkinsci 2.0 with stage view plugin. Awesome job guys! #jenkins2 #stage

@jenkinsci pipeline as code (smile)


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