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Due to some maintenance issues, this service has been switched in read-only mode, you can find more information about the why

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cdCon 2021 - Call for Jenkins Proposals
Hear ye! Hear ye! Jenkins Community, cdCon 2021 (the Continuous Delivery Foundation’s annual flagship event) is happening June 23-24 and its call for papers is open! This is your chance to share what you’ve been doing with Jenkins. Are you building something cool? Using it to solve real-world problems? Are you making things fast? Secure? Or maybe you’re a contributor and want to share what’s new. In all cases, we want to hear from you! Submit your talk for cdCon 2021 to be part of the conversation driving the future of software delivery for technology teams, enterprise leadership, and open-source communities. Submission Deadlines Early-Bird Deadline Friday, February 19 by 11:59 PM PST Final...
Jenkins Contributor Summit Online Feb 23-25
The Jenkins Contributor Summit brings together current and future contributors to the Jenkins project. We’re hosting an online summit this year to encourage contributors from around the world to meet, discuss, and plan for the future. The Contributor Summit will be Tuesday, February 23rd 2021 through Thursday, February 25, 2021. The summit brings together community members to learn, meet, and help shape the future of Jenkins. In the Jenkins commmunity we value all types and sizes of contributions and love to welcome new participants. Format The online format allows greater flexibility for meeting times and topics. Contributors will meet to discuss specific topics in smaller groups at...
Docker image updates
Beginning with Jenkins 2.279 and Jenkins 2.263.4, the Jenkins project is upgrading the base operating system and Java version used in the jenkins/jenkins:latest and jenkins/jenkins:lts images. The update replaces OpenJDK 8u242 with AdoptOpenJDK 8u282 and replaces Debian 9 ("Stretch") with Debian 10 ("Buster"). Why? We’re changing the base image so that we have a better supported operating system and a more current Java release for Jenkins controllers. Better supported operating system The Docker images provided by the Jenkins project rely on the operating system security processes of the operating system provider. Our Docker images have used Debian 9 ("Stretch") for multiple years. Debian 9 security updates have...
New eBook: Build, deploy, and automate great stuff with Jenkins
In April of last year, we launched a new Jenkins community website called JenkinsIsTheWay. The Jenkins Is The Way site has collected the experiences of Jenkins users around the world as they develop software and create solutions. They are charting new paths, discovering new opportunities, and overcoming challenges. That’s what makes Jenkins Is The Way tick. Engineers in the Netherlands might have already met challenges faced by developers in India. Solutions uncovered by DevOps teams in Spain may benefit those just starting in the USA. Interns in Bogota may develop pipeline solutions that can be integrated into workflows used across the globe in Tokyo. Or vice versa! No...
2020 A Year Like No Other
The Jenkins community congratulates all users and contributors with the New Year! Let’s take a look at some changes this year. We would like to thank all awesome Jenkins users and contributors who have been with us during this year. Highlights Some of the key highlights: Hundreds of first-timer contributors joined the community Major UI/UX improvements in the Jenkins core, including the landing page, plugin manager, dark theme, and read-only configurations support Outreach programs like Google Summer of Code (7 projects), Google Season of Docs, UI/UX hackfest, etc. Public roadmap for the project Terminology changes in the project, new Code of Conduct Technical debt cleanup: XStream unforking, Acegi Security replacement,...

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