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Introducing new Folder Authorization Plugin
During my Google Summer of Code Project, I have created the brand new Folder Auth Plugin for easily managing permissions to projects organized in folders from the Folders plugin. This new plugin is designed for fast permission checks with easy-to-manage roles. The 1.0 version of the plugin has just been released and can be downloaded from your Jenkins' Update center. This plugin was inspired by the Role Strategy Plugin and brings about performance improvements and makes managing roles much easier. The plugin was developed to overcome performance limitations of the Role Strategy plugin on a large number of roles. At the same time, the plugin addresses one of the most...
Plugin Management Library and CLI Tool Phase 2 GSoC Updates
At end of the first GSoC phase, I announced the first alpha release of the CLI tool and library that will help centralize plugin management and make plugin tooling easier. Phase 2 has mainly been focused on improving upon the initial CLI and library written in Coding Phase 1. In particular, we’ve been focusing on getting the tool ready to incorporate into the Jenkins Docker Image to replace the bash script to download plugins. This work included parsing improvements so that blank lines and comments in the plugins.txt file are filtered out, allowing update centers and the plugin download directory to be set via environment variables or CLI...
Managing Jenkins Artifacts with the Azure Artifact Manager Plugin
Jenkins stores all generated artifacts on the master server filesystem. This presents a couple of challenges especially when you try to run Jenkins in the cloud: As the number of artifacts grow, your Jenkins master will run out of disk space. Eventually, performance can be impacted. Frequent transfer of files between agents and master may cause load, CPU or network issues which are always hard to diagnose. Several existing plugins allow you to manage your artifacts externally. To use these plugins, you need to know how they work and perform specific steps in your job’s configuration. And if you are new to Jenkins,...
Jenkins code coverage diff in pull requests
Hello. As you may know, during the last year GSoC Mr. Shenyu Zheng was working on the Jenkins Code Coverage API Plugin. With Mr. Zheng we made a change so the plugin now is able to check the difference in code coverage between pull requests and target branches. In lots of projects it is a common practice to track if unit tests code coverage doesn’t decrease. So, with this plugin, you may skip separate services that track code coverage and have this feature right in your favorite CI system. How it works When you build a PR in Jenkins, using plugins like Github or...
DevOps World - Jenkins World 2019 San Francisco: Lunch Time Demos
If you’re looking for more opportunities to learn Jenkins and Jenkins X during the lunch hours while at DevOps World - Jenkins World 2019 San Francisco, come join us at the Jenkins and Jenkins X Community Booth! If you don’t yet have your pass for DevOps World - Jenkins World 2019 San Francisco, and don’t want to miss out on the fun, you can get yours using JWFOSS for a 30% discount. During lunch hours we are scheduling the following demo briefs at the Jenkins and Jenkins X Community Booth: Wednesday August 14, 2019 12:10 - 12:25pm Faster Git Mark Waite Attendees will learn the...

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