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Build your own Jenkins! Introducing Custom WAR/Docker Packager
I would like to introduce Custom WAR Packager - a new tool for Jenkins administrators and developers. This tool allows packaging custom Jenkins distributions as WAR files, Docker images and Jenkinsfile Runner bundles. This tool allows packaging Jenkins, plugins, and configurations in a ready-to-fly distribution. Custom WAR packager is a part of the Ephemeral Jenkins master toolchain which we presented in our A Cloud Native Jenkins blogpost. This toolchain is already used in Jenkins X to package serverless images. In this blogpost I will show some common use-cases for Custom WAR Packager. History As with Jenkins itself, Custom WAR Packager started as a small development tool. For a long time it was...
Jenkins in Google Summer of Code 2018 Results
It has been a while since the last blogpost about Google Summer of Code in Jenkins. GSoC 2018 has officially finished on August 23, and we had a Jenkins Online Meetup where we had final presentations of the GSoC projects. It is never late to provide more context, so I would like to summarize the results and provide updates of what was happening in Jenkins GSoC Special Interest Group over last 2 months. In this blogpost you can find project status overviews and updates from the Jenkins GSoC SIG. But first of all, I would like to thank all our students, their mentors and to...
Jenkins Hackathons in October
Traditionally there are a lot of events happening in the Jenkins organization in Autumn. I would like to share some information about the upcoming hackathons. Online Event: Hacktoberfest As you probably know, there is an ongoing Hacktoberfest event. The Jenkins project is participating in it and everybody is welcome to contribute to Jenkins as a part of this event. The event lasts from October 01 to October 31, and you can can join it at any time. See this blogpost for more information about Hacktoberfest in the Jenkins project. Onsite Hackathons Hacktoberfest is not the only event happening in the Jenkins community this month, there are also a number of...
Important security updates for Jenkins
We just released security updates to Jenkins, versions 2.146 and 2.138.2, that fix multiple security vulnerabilities. For an overview of what was fixed, see the security advisory. For an overview on the possible impact of these changes on upgrading Jenkins LTS, see our LTS upgrade guide. Further improvements In addition to the security fixes listed in the security advisory, we also applied multiple improvements that make future security vulnerabilities more difficult, or even impossible to exploit. One such improvement concerns cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, and comes with a risk of regressions. Jenkins uses a fork of Jelly for the vast majority of the views it renders. Since 2011,...
Improving Jenkins Release Quality using Uplink Telemetry
One of the major strengths of Jenkins is its customizability and extensibility. With its plugin ecosystem and long list of (possibly hidden) options, Jenkins can be used for a wide range of use cases. The downside of all this flexibility is that, not knowing how people use Jenkins, we mostly rely on issues filed in our bug tracker to know when things go wrong. And over the years, quite a few things have gone wrong. The worst of these have been security fixes that have had unintended side effects. Unlike regular changes, it’s not really feasible to roll back security fixes, so users have sometimes...

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    I have a problem when I build Jenkins with tomcat I'm using:

    jenkins version : 2.129
    tomcat version : 7.0.69

    And this is the steps  :

    1-change port of tomcat 
    2-copy jenkins.war in tomcat/webapp 
    3-finaly run tomcat