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GSoC CDF Meetup: Google Summer of Code Midterm Demos
Congratulations to all GSoC students who have made it through the first half of the GSoC 2021 coding phase! This year, the Jenkins project has been participating in GSoC as part of the Continuous Delivery Foundation’s GSoC org. To celebrate our GSoC students and the fantastic work they have been doing, the CDF is hosting an online meetup where students will present their work. Students will be showcasing what they have learned and accomplished thus far in GSoC, demoing their work, and discussing their goals and plans for the second coding phase. The CDF Google Summer of Code Midterm Demos will be held online...
Four students and their master project in Jenkins security
Context Jenkins is a CI/CD solution and as such, it is critical that the open source plugins that constitute an integral part of it don’t expose the systems they are used on to any security risks and vulnerabilities. It is in that context that we worked as an audit/code review team to track and report such flaws and problematic practices. We worked in collaboration with Jenkins Security team member Wadeck Follonier, as part of an end-of-study project during our last year of the Master’s Degree - Reliability and IT Security in the university of Aix-Marseille. Project Goals The main goal of this project was to...
Jenkins IRC moves to Libera Chat
We are happy to announce that the Jenkins community has moved all its official IRC channels to Libera chat. We have started our migration on May 26 as a response to the hostile takeover of hundreds of open source community channel by the new Freenode management. As decided by the Jenkins governance meeting on June 16th, Libera Chat IRC channels are the only official channels going forward. A more detailed history of the transition is available on the Jenkins developers mailing list. What did we move? We have created the following IRC chats: that currently live on freenode to #jenkins - general discussion channel for Jenkins users and developers. We...
New eBook: Jenkins is the Way for IT and software developers
A little over a year ago, we launched, a website whose sole purpose is to share Jenkins user stories with the developers and engineers in our community. Over a hundred of you have already shared your innovations, and they just keep coming. It comes as no surprise that many of the submitted stories are from IT consultants and software developers around the world building next-generation DevOps and CI/CD platforms to fuel the modernization of enterprise companies far and wide. That’s why we’ve dedicated our latest eBook to focus on Jenkins users in the global Information Technology sector. ...
Apache Commons Digester library removal (breaking changes!)
Keeping up with our goal to clean up some of the technical debt inside Jenkins Core and reduce the maintenance overheads, we are happy to report we were able to remove a long-deprecated Apache Commons Digester library. Jenkins Core does not depend anymore on Apache Commons Digester v.2.1, a version that has been released in 2010. Some plugins will require update to operate properly after the Jenkins core upgrade. See JEP-231 for the full list of the affected plugins. Below there is the list of plugins that did not have their fix released at the time of writing. They will start to break with the...

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