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Machine Learning Plugin project - community bonding blog post
Hello everyone ! This is one of the Jenkins project in GSoC 2020. We are working this new Machine Learning Plugin for this GSoC 2020. This is my story about the community bonding of GSoC 2020. I am happy to share my journey with you. Introducing Myself and my Fantastic 4 Mentors I am Loghi Perinpanayagam from University of Moratuwa. I was selected for GSoC 2020 for Machine Learning Plugin in Jenkins. I am glad to introduce my mentors to this project. I was assigned with four mentors who are really enthusiastic to help me on kicking off this summer of code. Student Loghi Perinpanayagam Mentors Bruno P....
Read-only Jenkins Configuration
I’m excited to announce that the 'read-only' Jenkins feature is now available for preview. This feature allows restricting configuration UIs and APIs while providing access to essential Jenkins system configuration, diagnostics, and self-monitoring tools through Web UI. Such mode is critical for instances managed as code, e.g. with Jenkins Configuration-as-Code plugin. It is delivered as a part of the JEP-224: Readonly system configuration effort. You will want to use at least Jenkins 2.238 to have all the features mentioned in this post. Read-only Jenkins currently allows users to have access to: job configuration system configuration plugin manager system logs cloud configuration agent configuration agent logs For more planned integrations see the JENKINS-12548 epic. Read-only...
Join us for online UI/UX hackfest on May 25-29!
This event is over, thanks a lot to all contributors! Please the event page for results. On behalf of the Jenkins User Experience, Documentation and Advocacy and Outreach special interest groups, we are happy to announce the online UI/UX hackfest on May 25-29! Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of their Jenkins development experience. The goal is to get together and work on improving Jenkins user experience, including but not limited to user interface and user documentation. We also invite you to share experiences about Jenkins and to participate in UX testing. The event follows the Jenkins is the Way theme and the most active contributors will get special...
Windows Docker Agent Images: General Availability
We would like to announce the availability of official Windows agent images for Docker. These images allow provisioning Jenkins agents with Windows OS on Docker and Kubernetes. New images All official Docker images for agents now provide nanoserver-1809 and windowsservercore-1809 tags which include Windows images and, at the moment, Java 8 (these are like the latest tag). We also provide tags with explicit Java selection, e.g. jdk8-windowsservercore-1809 or jdk11-nanoserver-1809. Version tags are also available, e.g. jenkins/agent:4.3-4-jdk8-nanoserver-1809. jenkins/agent is a basic agent which bundles the agent.jar for agent ⇐ ⇒ master communication. This is most useful as a base image for other images. Windows images are available starting...
Docker images for agents: New names and What's next
We would like to announce the renaming of the official Docker images for Jenkins agents. It does not have any immediate impact on Jenkins users, but they are expected to gradually upgrade their instances. This article provides information about the new official names, upgrade procedure, and the support policy for the old images. We will also talk about what’s next for the Docker packaging in Jenkins. New image names jenkins/agent is the new name of the old jenkins/slave image, starting from 4.3-2 jenkins/inbound-agent is the new name of the jenkins/jnlp-slave image, starting from 4.3-2 jenkins/ssh-agent is the new name of the old jenkins/ssh-slave image, starting from 2.0.0 See the upgrade...

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