Jenkins : Workspace Whitespace Replacement Plugin

Plugin Information

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Replaces any spaces in a job name when it is created on a Jenkins agent. This allows Job names to have spaces without spaces being used in the workspace folder.


Workspace Whitespace Replacement is a simple Jenkins plug-in that allows job to be created with spaces in their name, but when the job is carried out on a slave node, the path used will have all spaces replaced by an underscore.

Out of the box, Jenkins offers a couple of ways to limit or restrict characters such as spaces in workspace paths that are not ideal in a number of situations

  • Restrict Project Naming - inconvenient because it removes the ability to have spaces in job names, making them harder to read, especially if you have a large number of them
  • Custom Workspaces - inconvenient because the requirement for uniqueness is on the user, and it requires much more thought when creating projects if you have a high number of them

The Whitespace Replacement plug-in still allows the Job name to be the unique identifer for the project, keeps them easy to read and requires no additional work to create job paths that will work with scripts or processes that cannot handle spaces in path names.

Set Up and Install

To use WS WS Replacement, simply install the plug-in and at that point forward all workspace folders will be created with spaces replaced with underscores.  No additional set up or configuration is required.

Additional Notes

  • Assumes a master/slave structure and only modifies workspace folders on slave machines
  • Replaces spaces with in workspace folders only and cannot replace spaces in a slaces 'Remote FS Root'
  • Works seamlessly with Cloudbees Folder Plug-in

Change Log

1.0.1 (17th June 2016)

  • Initial release