Jenkins : Visualworks Smalltalk Store Plugin

This plugin integrates Jenkins with Cincom Visualworks Smalltalk Store.  The plugin requires at least one shell script or batch file to be created that can run a Visualworks image with the StoreCI-Polling package loaded.

Plugin Information

View Visualworks Store on the plugin site for more information.

Older versions of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before using an older version:

Using the Visualworks Store Plugin

In order to use the Visualworks Store Plugin, a few steps are required.

Configure a Visualworks Image

This plugin requires the StoreCI-Polling package that is available in the Cincom Public Store Repository.  StoreCI-Polling works with Cincom Visualworks 7.7 or later.

StoreCI-Polling is part of the StoreCI suite.

To use this plugin, build a Visualworks image that contains the following:

  • The Store package for your Store repository database (e.g. StoreForPostgreSQL).
  • Repository definitions for each of the Store repositories you want to use with the plugin (or use the -importRepositories command-line option).
  • The StoreCI-Polling package (or a Parcel version of that package available).

Create a Shell Script or Batch File to Run Your Image

This plugin expects to run a shell script or batch file that runs Visualworks with the image you created above.  This script should pass all of its arguments on to the image.  For example, a Linux or MacOS/X script might contain a line such as:

 /path/to/visualworksVM /path/to/image "$@"

Or, if you saved StoreCI-Polling as a parcel instead:

 /path/to/visualworksVM /path/to/image -pcl /path/to/StoreCI-Polling.pcl "$@"

This plugin allows more than one such script to be configured.  This allows different builds to be run using different versions of Visualworks.

Install the Plugin

Install the plugin either using Jenkins plugin administration or manually.

Configure the Plugin

If the plugin was installed correctly, there will be a Visualworks Store section in the global configuration page of Jenkins (Manage Jenkins | Configure System).  Enter the path to the shell script or batch file you created above.  If you created more than one script, use the Add Script button to configure any additional scripts.

Configure a Build to Use Visualworks Store

In the Source Code Management section of your build, choose Store.
Specify the following settings:

  • Store Script: Choose one of the scripts you configured in the global settings.
  • Repository Name: Specify the name of the Store repository to monitor.
  • Pundles: Choose the type (Package or Bundle) and enter the name of a pundle to monitor.  If you would like to specify more than one pundle, use the Add Pundle button.  StoreCI-Polling will watch for changes to those pundles and any of their (recursive) prerequisites in the same repository.  Thus, it is only necessary to specify "root" pundles here.
  • Version Regex: Specify a regular expression that indicates which pundle versions you would like to consider.  By default, all versions are considered.  The regular expression must be in Regex11 format.  For example, integer-only version numbers can be matched using "\d+".
  • Minimum Blessing Level: Specify a minimum blessing level (default: Development).  Pundles with a lower blessing level will not be considered.
  • Generate input file for ParcelBuilder?: If desired, check the box to enable generation of an input file for ParcelBuilder (now called StoreCI-Building) and then specify a filename.  This file will contain the list of most-recent pundle versions that were found by StoreCI-Polling as of the time the build started.  This file can be used by StoreCI-Building (available in the Public Store Repository) or a similar tool to build an image or deploy parcels as part of the build.  If no path is specified, the file will be created in the root of the Jenkins workspace directory for your project.  This file will contain the pundles in "load order".  That is, all of a pundle's prerequisites will be earlier in the list than the pundle itself.  That way, when loading the pundles into an image, no automatic prerequisite resolution will need to be done.

Visualworks Smalltalk Store Plugin is designed to work with the Multiple SCMs Plugin.  This is useful if you need to monitor more than one repository for the same build, or if you need to monitor both a Store repository and a git or Subversion repository.


Version 1.1.1

[JENKINS-23389] Support checking out on a build slave.

Version 1.1

Failed release; skipping

Version 1.0

Initial version.