Jenkins : Viber Notification Plugin

Viber notification plugin for Jenkins 

 This plugin sends out notifications/text messages directly to your Viber public account via Jenkins.  Each public account would an unique authentication token which you need to configure in Jenkins.  The authentication token (also known as application key) is a unique and secret account identifier. It is used to authenticate requests in the Public Accounts API and to prevent unauthorized persons from sending requests on behalf of a Public Account. You will need this token during the integration process (Viber public account + Jenkins). The authentication token is generated upon Public Account creation and can be viewed by the account's admins in the "edit info" screen of their Public Account.



Below link would guide you on  how to create your own viber public account.

Once account is created, add members and you're good to go.


Steps to add Viber notification plugin to your Jenkins job:


Simple demonstration of how you can add the plugin and send a simple text message to Viber public account via Jenkins.


  1. Launch Jenkins & click on ‘Manage Jenkins’.


      2. Click on ‘Manage Plugins’



      3.Click on ‘Available’ tab and then search for Viber Notification plugin



(If the plugin is not listed then, click on ‘Check Now’ button as shown below. This will sync your Jenkins with the central plugin repository. ) Once this is done, search for Viber notification plugin.



     4. Install the plugin and restart your Jenkins.


     5.Go to your project, click on configure and in the build steps select Viber Notification


      6.Key in the auth token of the public account that you want to send message to, sender name and the message content.

       7.Build your project.


Once build process is done , you’ll see the message in your Viber public account.  (If you want to send the build status and want Jenkins to trigger Viber notification post build process, you need to use this plugin along with Flexible Publish plugin)







vibersnip.PNG (image/png)
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