Jenkins : Telerik AppBuilder Plugin

Progress will discontinue Telerik Platform on May 10th, 2018.

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Plugin Information

View Progress Telerik AppBuilder on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin provides a simple way for Telerik Platform developers to execute AppBuilder cloud builds in a CI environment.

System Requirements

Before installing and using the Telerik AppBuilder Plugin, make sure that you meet the following requirements.

  • You are running the latest Jenkins Long-Term Support (LTS) Release.
  • You have a Telerik Platform account with a sufficient subscription plan.
  • You have configured your code signing data in the Telerik Platform.
  • You have obtained an App ID and a build access token from the Telerik Platform.

Using the Telerik AppBuilder Plugin

Before using the Telerik AppBuilder Plugin, make sure that you have reviewed the following detailed documentation resources.

1. Create a Jenkins job.
1. Retrieve artifacts.
1. Inspect errors.

Best Practices

The following document contains a few best practices for using the Telerik AppBuilder Plugin: Best practices.