Jenkins : TODO


Not in any particular order.

  • Fold changes from JENKINS-2879(ST plugin branch
    • Change-log (in)
      • file name (? full, workspace relative or just pure file name without path?)
      • change indicator (? added, removed, changed, rollback, dirty ?)
    • Checkout on label (in)
    • Checkout on promotion state (in)
    • Checkout as at current time
      • Checkout as-of time? (in code - not exposed)
    • Checkout polling (in)
    • Multi-folder checkout (still out)
      • separate reapatable setting block ??
  • Improve javadoc
    • Meaningful description for all classes
  • Improve unit tests (needs more specific goals)
    • Increase test coverage
    • Add comments to tests
    • Add messages to assertions
  • Improve testing
    • create a self-contained test
  • Implement StarTeamRepositoryBrowser - probably topic for a whole new project/plugin (low priority)

Open Questions

  • Is time information of checkouts accurate?
  • Is there influencoe of ST server time zone? Hudson's ? slaves?
  • Is implementation safe for remote Hudson slaves?