Jenkins : SCTMExecutor

Plugin Information

Distribution of this plugin has been suspended due to unresolved security vulnerabilities, see below.

The current version of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before use:

Enables you to integrate Micro Focus Silk Central (version 17.0 or later) test executions into your Jenkins continuous integration build system.

SCTMExecutor Plugin

This plugin integrates Micro Focus Silk Central (version 17.0 or later) into Jenkins. You can trigger execution plans in Silk Central and collect the test results in Jenkins.


Global Settings

Use the global settings to configure the URL of the Silk Central web services and a valid user and password. The password is stored encrypted in the Jenkins plugin configuration on the Jenkins server.

Project Settings

To trigger the execution of execution plans (or folders), specify the execution plan IDs in a comma separated list, and the project ID. All execution plan IDs must be in the same project, otherwise you need additional builder configurations.


The see the results of the Silk Central executions in Jenkins, select "Collect results" in the build step and configure the post-build action "Collect Silk Central Test Results".

Pipeline Sample
node {
    stage('trigger Silk') {
        silkcentral buildNumberUsageOption: 4, collectResults: true, execDefIds: '3938,3939', projectId: 1
    stage('collect results') {
Uprgade from versions < 2.0

Re-enter the password of the specified Silk Central user under 'Silk Central Configuration' at 'Manage Jenkins -> Configure System'.
Remove the JUnit Test Result Publisher post-build action (if not used by other build steps) and configure the post-build action "Collect Silk Central Test Results".





Pipeline support


Support multiple Silk Central instances by specifying an alternative URL on build step level
Post-build action "Collect Silk Central Test Results"
JENKINS-28304 save build step failed - Nullpointer


add additional option to allow execution with a preconfigured build number on SCTM
add execution definition name to the logs
documentation for build number usage options


BUGFIX: remove limit of 8 parallel executions
BUGFIX: Changed Webservice in SCTM 2010 needs to extands the error handling if session is lost
Options to execute a execution definition with a build number generated from a hudson job
Tested with SCTM 2010


BUGFIX: ThreadPool is now transient
add Option to ignore Setup/Cleanup TestDefinitions in the TestResults


BUGFIX: Collecting results fails since version 1.1, due to an serialization error


add optional parameter for a start delay. Starts the second and following executions with an delay to prevent resource problems on virtual machines.
add option to ignore errors from SCTM, but log it
add option to activate/deactivate result collection
some internal refactorings to prepare code for future improvements


first complete major release; You are able to trigger one or more execution definitions and record there results to visualize it in the test results graph/table.
Supported Test Manager: > 2008 R2
Tested with Test Manager 2008 R2 SP1


several improvements in collecting results, translation, tests


fix problems with dependencies to SAX (use sun implementation as a quick fix)


several improvements with test execution and result writing


First release candidate (after some problems with wagon-svn)


First try (smile)
Execution of multiple Execution Definitions enabled.

Known Problems / TODOs

Please feel free to enter any issue to JIRA and set the component to 'sctmexecutor'.

  • (grey lightbulb) Use a new result view that shows a matrix of configurations and testcases/-suites running in these configurations
  • (grey lightbulb) encoding for german translation
  • (tick) documentation for build number usage options
  • (tick) use hudson build number for SCTM execution (if build number does not exists create it)
  • (tick) add option for not recording/waiting for test results (only trigger execution and finish)
  • (tick) If more than one execution definition is started the results are lost.
  • (tick) Some localization issues
  • (tick) Find a way to handle very long SCTM executions
  • (tick) Usability; Add some configuration check code to give the user an early preview about the configuration sets.

(lightbulb) -> implemented but not included in the latest available release
(grey lightbulb) -> in progress or just an idea/todo
(tick) -> done and available in the latest release