Jenkins : QRebel Plugin

Plugin Information

View QRebel on the plugin site for more information.

This Jenkins Plugin collects application performance data from QRebel and marks the build as failed if its performance degrades.

How to use it?

Attach QRebel agent

Attach the agent to existing tests to start monitoring your application performance. See QRebel Quick Start guide. Configure your app name eg. petclinic. Label your app changes with builds eg. 1.4.0rc11.4.0rc2 etc.

Add a QRebel post-build action

Add a new post-build action Monitor performance regressions with QRebel. This action will compare the performance of a baseline build and a target build.

  • Type the configured app name to Application name, eg. petclinic
  • Provide QRebel API Token - REST API authentication token, see REST API for detail
  • Specify Build name in Target build section eg. 1.4.0rc2. Environment variables are supported eg. 1.4.0rc${BUILD_NUMBER}
  • Specify Build version (optional) if any in Target build section eg. 1.4.0. Environment variables are supported
  • Choose Comparison strategy eg. Compare against the static threshold

If a build fails you'll see the specific causes in the output. For example:

Build failed because QRebel found regressions in petclinic
 build: 1.4.0rc2
 version: 1.4.0
 build: 1.4.0rc1
 version: 1.4.0
Slow Requests: 0
Excessive IO: 0
Exceptions: 5
For full report check your <a href= >dashboard</a>

Further details will appear if you click on dashboard