Jenkins : Paris Hackathon Idea

Trying to put together possible TODOs for the hackathon.


  • improve startup time especially for maven projects with many modules and a large history
  • improve the groovy console (syntax coloring, auto-completion)
  • Split JENKINS_HOME in 3 directories (Infstracture configuration / Project (Job) configuration / User configuration)
  • Avoid %#@*! dock icon jumping on OSX when a job runsĀ JENKINS-9785
  • Use html5/webSockets as alternative to pull build logs on console (but keep ajax-based one for those poor IE6 guys)

Maven plugin / integration

  • fix maven (3) output logs which are different from the Real tool when a build fails (it's very difficult to understand the error while it is clear in a real maven 3 build)
  • improve the maven post build task to deploy artifacts without defining the upload repo identity/URL (we need to reuse info from POMs). It may increase the adoption of this feature which should be a good thing as it will reduce the build time of unsuccessful builds by removing the upload part. JENKINS-9786
  • Support multiple Maven executions (ex : build + sonar + ..)

Gradle plugin/ integration

  • Display Graph Execution


  • Build Monitoring, Build Logs radiator to quickly access the logs (tail of builds, using websocket?)
  • Fast Install & Config of Jenkins : jenkins / plugins / jobs (scm-sync-plugin checkout)


  • release the maven repo cleaner plugin
  • work on plugin compat tester on build logs
  • fcamblor & gboissinot to see if ideas could be shared between scm sync configuration & buildContextCapture
  • photoshop plugins to make boss happy on friday evening and have a nice week-end
  • jmeter job (may be in the performance plugin)
  • Integrate the JMeter Plugins reports (see