Jenkins : P4 Plugin

P4 Plugin - By Perforce Software. Jenkins plugin for a Perforce Helix Versioning Engine.


Please consider helping out and joining this project to make it even better.  

There are many features to add and a growing backlog of SIRs, I am happy to accept GitHub pull requests or Shelved Swarm reviews.  Any questions please contact me via our support team

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P4 Plugin for Jenkins manages Perforce Helix workspaces; synchronising code and polling/triggering builds. 

The P4 Plugin has been fully tested against Helix P4D release version 2015.1

The plugin supports:

  • Credential authentication
  • Client Workspace management
  • Synchronisation behaviour
  • Polling and filtered builds
  • External review tools (Swarm)
  • Change-list browsing
  • Labeling builds (Tagging)
  • External repository browsers (P4Web, Swarm)
  • Submit assets back to Perforce Helix (Publish)


  • Jenkins 1.642.3 or greater.
  • Helix Versioning Engine 2015.1 or greater.
  • Minimum Protection of 'open' for the Jenkins user.
  • If you wish to use the Review Build feature you will need Swarm. 
  • Swarm 2015.1 or greater.


All issues are managed on the JIRA Agile Board, when reporting an issue please set the Component to `p4-plugin` (not `Perforce`).


  • Some parameters are not available during Polling.  As a result these variables will not get expanded leading to unexpected results (e.g. new workspaces being created resulting in continuous polling).  Jenkins job and multi configuration parameters should be expand, but custom or parameterised build variables are unlikely to be available.


Please refer to the Documentation for more information.


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