Jenkins : Marathon Plugin

Plugin Information

View Marathon Deployment on the plugin site for more information.

Adds a Marathon Deployment post-build item that updates an application within a target Marathon instance.This can also be used within a workflow or pipeline plugin job.


Marathon is a production-grade container orchestration platform for Mesosphere's Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) and Apache Mesos. Marathon is a meta framework: you can start other Mesos frameworks such as Chronos or Storm with it to ensure they survive machine failures. It can launch anything that can be launched in a standard shell. In fact, you can even start other Marathon instances via Marathon.


This plugin requires a "marathon.json" file within a Job's working directory. It is recommended that this file be present within a project's code repository.

    "id": "/product/service/myApp",
    "cmd": "env && sleep 300",
    "cpus": 0.25,
    "mem": 16.0

Workflow/Pipeline Plugin Support

This plugin can be called as marathon(...) within a workflow job.

    url: 'http://marathon-instance',
    id: 'someid',
    docker: 'mesosphere/jenkins-dev')

url is required and this still depends on a local "marathon.json" file.


See Release Notes in the github wiki.