Jenkins : Known Java 11 Compatibility issues

This pages summarizes the status of the Jenkins ecosystem to run on Java 11.

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Given Jenkins has 1500+ plugins, this page is not meant to describe or link the status of every single component or plugins. Hence if you know the status of some component or plugin, feel free to add more information in the necessary places below.

Please note that this page is dedicated to the user-facing issues which impact the behavior. It is recommended to not set the labels for gradual code improvements and for minor issues like IllegalReflectiveAccess warnings in the system logs.

Known compatibility issues


(In case the list does not populate below, you can refer to the JIRA issues directly)

T Key Component(s) Summary P Status released as
Bug JENKINS-66251 jobconfighistory-plugin After Jenkins upgrade Declarative Pipelines stopped working due to JobConfigHistory plugin Major Open
Task JENKINS-66029 implied-labels-plugin Java 11 illegal access exception with implied labels plugin Minor Open
Bug JENKINS-65582 core "WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred" on Unix with openJDK11 Minor Open
Bug JENKINS-64831 remoting illegal reflective access in remoting Minor Open
Bug JENKINS-64648 core Illegal reflective access by jenkins.ClassLoaderReflectionToolkit in 2.275 Minor Resolved 2.276
Improvement JENKINS-64456 core, ldap-plugin "Added a missed class for missing class telemetry. Class: com.sun.jndi.ldap.obj.MarshalledToObject" on AdoptOpenJDK11 Minor Open
Improvement JENKINS-64455 core, ldap-plugin "Added a missed class for missing class telemetry. Class: com.sun.jndi.ldap.obj.AttrsToCorba" on AdoptOpenJDK11 Minor Open
Bug JENKINS-64159 atlassian-bitbucket-server-integration-plugin Intermittent failed to post build status due hostname not verified Minor Closed
Bug JENKINS-63808 cppcheck-plugin cppcheck is not compatible with Java 11 Critical Open
Bug JENKINS-63766 configuration-as-code-plugin, core, prometheus-plugin, workflow-cps-plugin Jenkins Pipelines Memory Leak Blocker Open
Bug JENKINS-62417 hp-application-automation-tools-plugin Run Performance Test on Jenkins (Java version 11) error Major Open
Bug JENKINS-62170 checkmarx-plugin Checkmarx v8.90.4 plugin not compatible with JDK11 Critical Closed
Bug JENKINS-62086 checkmarx-plugin Getting java.lang.ClassNotFoundException exception javax.xml.bind.JAXBException checkmarx plaugin with agent using open jdk 11 Blocker Closed
Bug JENKINS-61920 core java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.annotation.CheckForNull Major Resolved Jenkins 2.237
Improvement JENKINS-61521 core "Added a missed class for missing class telemetry. Class:" on AdoptOpenJDK11 Minor Resolved jenkins-2.227
Improvement JENKINS-61391 rich-text-publisher-plugin Incompatible with java 11 Major Closed
Bug JENKINS-61212 cli CLI, Agent -websockets DeploymentException: Handshake response not received on jdk-11 Minor Open
Bug JENKINS-61176 _unsorted Logstash-gelf is not supported in Java 11 Minor Closed
Improvement JENKINS-60725 core "Added a missed class for missing class telemetry" on AdoptOpenJDK 11 Minor Resolved 2,217
Bug JENKINS-60678 core ComputerLauncher: Detection of AdoptOpenJDK 11 fails Minor Resolved Jenkins 2.217
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