Jenkins : Jython Plugin

Plugin Information

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Adds the ability to execute Jython script. What makes this plugin special, as opposed to the Python Plugin is that it ships with the Jython runtime, instead of actually requiring Python to be installed on the machine.

Note that as of version 1.4, the Jython script no longer executes within the Jenkins JVM process, but forks its own JVM. This is more consistent with how other plug-ins work, and ensures that in distributed deployments, the Jython script will execute in the node that a build is running on (instead of always running on the master).


Version 1.9 (Dec 18 2011)
  • Set up the Jython build step environment so that a Jenkins HTTP proxy, if it's defined, will be used by urllib and urllib2. More specifically, it defines the "http_proxy" environment variable for the build step. To override this, define your own "http_proxy" environment variable (either at the global/slave/job level).
Version 1.8 (Dec 16 2011)
  • Made syntax highlighting configuration a little more sensible.
Version 1.7 (Jul 20 2011)
  • Used the CodeMirror editor for the script field, which provides, amongst other things, syntax highlighting, and more control over the tab key behavior.
Version 1.6 (Jul 13 2011)
  • Added support for installation of third party Python libraries (eggs/zip/etc) from the global settings page.
Version 1.5 (Jun 17 2011)
  • No functional change. The source directory structure was re-factored to support future releases.
Version 1.4 (Jun 6 2011)
  • Modified builder to execute Jython script in a forked process so that it executes on the slave when a build is scheduled to run on the slave (before, the Jython script always execute on the master regardless of where the build is running).
Version 1.3 (Mar 21 2011)
  • Upgraded runtime to Jython 2.5.2.
Version 1.2 (Mar 4 2011)
  • Included theĀ Python Standard Library
  • Exposed Hudson environment variables (build number etc) to the context of the Jython script
Version 1.1 (Dec 29 2009)
  • Form text area always came up empty, not showing saved script
  • Don't share state across jython scripts
  • Set current directory to the workspace before running scripts
  • Update uses of deprecated APIs
Version 1.0 (Jul 18 2009)
  • Initial version