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This plugin makes it possible to send emails directly from a Job/Build View.

The Job Direct Mail Plugin makes it easy to send a custom email from a Job or Build right away to the people involved in the project(the ones configured in the email-ext-plugin and the last committers). Using templates, things like project name, build number, project url, build url, build status can be included automatically in the content of the email.


Just click on the icon "Send Mail" in the left bar of a Job or Build and the sample email will pop.

The plugin can be configured from the global configuration page, where you can add templates and a signature in order to save time when constructing the email. A template has a name and specifies what the conent of the email will look like.

The Job Direct Mail Plugin can be useful in situations like:

  • A job has to be deleted and the last committers should be notified
  • A job has many error or has none and the people responsible should be notified or praised.

Important! The plugin uses information from the Email-ext plugin in order to configure the SMTP server and SMTP port of the current mail session. Generally, if email-ext-plugin is able to send emails, so can this plugin. Generally, if email-ext-plugin is able to send emails, so can this plugin. The default recipients are also retrieved from the configuration of email-ext plugin. E-mail encoding is UTF-8(since 1.5). E-mail encoding is UTF-8(since 1.5).

Important - in order to use this plugin you must have the Email-ext plugin installed.

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Change log

Version 1.5(small charset bugfix) - (17.05.2013)

  • Fixed bug, where characters like öäüß are not displayed correctly in the email.
  • EmptyTemplate is no longer default, now the default template contains the project/build url and information.
  • Added a help-page for the signature configuration.

Version 1.4 - (23.04.2013)

  • Fixed bugs with recipients retrieval
  • Changed name of the section in the global configuration so that it is easier to find it
  • Refractoring, code cleaning, help-page added
  • Plugin now visible only for users with CONFIGURE permission

Version 1.3 - (11.04.2013)

  • Fixed bugs with recipients retrieval
  • Fixed property file missing for other languages than English
  • ClassCastException now fixed for all kind of projects

Version 1.2 - (12.03.2013)

  • Recipients being retrieved from email-ext plugin
  • ClassCastException with MavenModuleSetBuil projects fixed

Version 1.1 - (12.03.2013)

  • First release


  The plugin is open source.