Jenkins : Git AutoMerger Plugin


More info you could find on plugin readme

The main purpose of this plugin is to ensure that all newer versions include all the changes from older versions.

### Requirements

The plugin is merging only the branches with the following structure:

* master
| * release/2.0
| * release/1.5
| * release/1.0

The naming of release branches is flexible, but the branch name must contain a version number. Versions are ordered using Apache's ComparableVersion.

Warning: Do not use the plugin if your version system differs from `ComparableVersion`.
The plugin can merge newer package into older.


gitAutomerger logLevel: 'INFO',
mergeRules: [
[path: '', resolution: 'MERGE_NEWER_TOP'],
[path: 'version', resolution: 'KEEP_NEWER'],
releaseBranchPattern: 'release/%'