Custom Tools: Jenkins Configurations

Jenkins Manage Jenkins Configure System Custom Tool


  1. Name
    • A required field which will identify the tool installed.
  2. Download URL for binary archive
    • URL from which to download the tool in binary form. Should be either a .zip or a GZip-compressed .tar file.
    • ZAP releases can be found here.

      Notice: Weekly releases are removed after a while (there's no fixed schedule for it).

    • The .zip of the version (2016-09-05) which was used to test this release can be found here.
  3. Subdirectory of extracted archive
    • Optional subdirectory of the downloaded and unpacked archive to use as the tool's home directory. Only required if the archive has a subdirectory.

Custom Tools: Extracted Location

%JENKINS_HOME%/tools/com.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.customtools.CustomTool/${Name}/${Subdirectory of extracted archive}


Custom Tools: Job Configuration



  1. Select Custom Tools Installation
  2. Specify Name
    • Same as the one provided above, you can have multiple installations so be sure to pick the one you want.