Jenkins : Cucumber Slack Notifier Plugin

Plugin Information

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A plugin to send a summarised cucumber report to a slack channel.

Jenkins Pipeline Usage

Use within a node block as the example below shows:

node {
    stage 'Cucumber Reports'
    // process cucumber reports
    step([$class: 'CucumberReportPublisher', jsonReportDirectory: 'target/', fileIncludePattern: '*.json'])

    // send report to slack
    cucumberSendSlack: channel: 'test-results-channel', json: 'target/test-results.json' 

Installation Instructions

Global Configuration

Job Configuration

Change Log

Version 0.8.2 (4th July 2016)
  • Added ability to add custom text a message
Version 0.8.1 (4th July 2016)
  • Fixed issue with link generation in slack message
Version 0.8 (3th July 2016)
  • Added Jenkins Pipeline Support
Version 0.7 (17th Dec 2015)
  • Added Build Step & Post Build Notifiers
  • Added Global Config Validation
  • Implemented common service for sending notifications
Version 0.6.1 (17th Dec 2015)
  • Fixed invalid check for configuration
Version 0.6 (16th Dec 2015)
  • Correctly reading json report file from the workspace directory
Version 0.4 (15th Dec 2015)
  • Initial Release