Jenkins : Create Job Advanced Plugin

Plugin Information

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This plugin extends creating job.
When you create a job, it automatically adds all permissions for the creator.

Source code


1.8 (Dec 29, 2013)

  • update core dependency to 1.532
  • fix compatibility issues with the maven-plugin since refactoring of the MavenMailer

1.7 (Okt 7, 2012)

  • add support for two default values of maven projects (pull #2):
    • Disable auto archiving - to save disc space per default
    • Disable one mail per failed module - to not spam the users

1.6 (Aug 5, 2011)

  • Updates to text/help.

1.5 (Oct 25, 2010)

  • Dynamic permission definitions allow you to automatically grant
    permissions to specifig groups at job creation time. You can define a
    regular expression to get information from the jobs name. e.g. if all
    your jobs follow a naming standard, like this: 'group.GROUP.FreeForm',
    you can define a pattern like 'group.(.).(.)' and reuse the
    regular expression groups in the group format.
    (special thanks to domi)


  • Add documentation
  • activate/desactivate automatically set anonymous rights
  • (special tks to jsiirola)


  • Create an interface in Jenkins configuration
  • activate/desactivate automatically set owner rights
  • activate/desactivate replace space with "-" in the job name
  • define default log rotator value


  • Fix to work on version 1.334


  • Fix bug if you create a job with template


  • Initial Import


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createjobadvanced.jpg (image/jpeg)