Jenkins : CommonWorkspace

The idea is to use common work space for various builds in a project.Benefits of doing so are

  • Proper disk utilization.
  • Reduction in time which was spent on same code checkout for different build.


When Jenkins checkout code to the work-space ,it puts lock on the same. So that no other job can pull code in to the same work-space. As such jobs with common work-space will fail when some other job has already put lock on the same.Our goal was to save the job from failing if it finds lock on the shared work-space.


After installing the plugin,go to job configuration page.If your git based job is sharing work space with some other job than check the checkbox as shown in below screenshot.

Value of time entered is in milliseconds.This plugin will wait this much time millisecond before checking again if any git operation is going on in the work space.



CommonWorkspace.png (image/png)